Police spotting (junction watch)

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  • At the lights under the bridge at Shepherd's Bush tube. Wound me up seeing cops there giving tickets to commuting cyclists, having just had numerous typical incidents people in cars not indicating, speeding and a clear red light jump moments before along Uxbridge road.

  • dont they give tickets to cars in cycle bays?

  • r u crazy? A private car sits on top of neoliberal pyramid of the great British public.

  • thought covid ended Neoliberalism?

  • I'm at peace with this.

    Police often do targeted crackdowns. For each day they are picking on cyclists they will, hopefully, be doing 50+ days targeting cars and letting cyclists flouting the law go by untouched. Similarly they'll do days when they are specifically targeting HGVs and ignoring cyclists and cars, etc.

    Take the macro view rather than being enraged at a specific micro viewpoint.

  • If you are so inattentive you can't spot a plod operation you deserve a ticket.

  • Agree, and I usually don't have a problem with it, it's just that it was on Uxbridge Road which is from what I see every single day so lawless. And now that I have calmed down from having been nearly taken out a number of times in a very short distance, I'm sure there are issues with peds coming out the tube station and crossing into the path of red light jumpers at that spot.

  • anywhere in zone 1 London traffic I have always though it may be possible just to #premiumrush and outrun the police

  • There was an article a few months ago about how two men shouted anti-Semitic insults at someone from their car, drove off, and were eventually stopped because a police helicopter kept tabs on them.

    When the police want to get someone, they’ll get them. I’m not saying their crime wasn’t worth deploying a helicopter for, but it would’ve been nice if they’d responded with literally anyone when some cunt was threatening me with a crankset during lockdown 1.0.

  • The helicopter was undoubtedly only deployed because it was already up and didn't have any other jobs on. While it's obviously good that they caught those people, I still strongly disapprove of policing by helicopter. It's massively wasteful.

  • 100% this.. not just wasteful, it’s also lazy policing.

    Also don’t we have enough CCTV across the capital. There must be ton of surveillance on the ground we are already paying for.

  • helicopter was undoubtedly only deployed because it was already up

    Undoubtedly. The question of value in crime reduction vs. expense is secondary. I’ve had hate speech shouted at me and, separately, been threatened with a crankset by a thief. I would far prefer for the police to spend their limited budget catching violent thieves than verbal aggressors, even if it meant they didn’t come out when I’ve been slurred (I didn’t call them).

    My primary point is that if the police want to get someone who’s pulling a #premiumrush, they have ample capability to do it, it’s just a matter of resourcing priority.

  • Apparently the filth are out stopping bicycles in Shoreditch today

  • Police on Lower Thames Street and Green Park this afternoon. Seemingly checking on modded e-bike types.

  • Top of regents park, at the path near the giraffes and pedestrian crossing. Fining red light jumpers and path cyclists.

    I didn't see it but was warned by a pal as I cycle through there this evening. He saw 2 people getting details taken and one getting cautioned.

  • Police were pulling over red light jumpers at Holborn/Southampton Row this lunch time.

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Police spotting (junction watch)

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