Wanted: Old Touring Bike

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  • So then.... am off on a cycling tour with the better half as now she's got a baby-bobob on tut way, India, apparently, is too risky for mothers to be..... Anyway, to cut a long story short, I don't want to do it fixed as it will drive us both mad..... sooooo, anybody got an old touring bike they wanna flog? Nothing special, just something with a pannier rack and that's not falling apart.

    Need it for two weeks time.


  • T. I got a 40 year old Raleigh almost unused on the bay for £36 with chrome rims and Simplex gears!

  • Oooooh... sounds velly interesting old chap... PM me the link and I'll see if it suits :)

  • I think I have a few also
    will get back to you with pictures if you're interested

  • Please do..... pics, spec, prices... that sort of stuff, ta!

  • Thanks Mikeymerk but a little too pricey for me.

    I'm still looking for a cheap road bike for my trip this weekend, will do it on the bianchi if nothing turns up but would be good for a few gears over the cliff roads of londons famous south coast ;)

    Anyone got an old road bike for sale? 58cm? With pannier rack a bonus but no bother if not.

  • Still looking.... anybody?

  • I picked up a touring bike the other day; 80s Raleigh, 58ish, little rack. You can borrow it if you want, but it needs a tune-up.

  • what about this hunk of junk? ;)

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    • Holdsworth triple tri.jpg
  • Dude, if you want to help me fix up that old GT of mine, I'll go halves with you on the cost. Borrowing fiddy's geared bike over the weekend is tempting me back to the dark side.

  • I have a rare old tourer.

    Made by Tom Bromwich, a coventry based custom builder who used to work out of the back of his shed.

    I had a talk to a coventry bike collector & historian type. He claims tom bromwich worked from about 1952-1967 and he was pretty adamant the bike was early 60's as he recognised the lugs.

    But we then found 1972 frame stamps. Which, could possibly mean it was built after he retired out of leftover bits?

    Anyway, the frame & forks are in excellent condition. A pearlescent turquoise. A good quailty sturdy rack & saddle bag came on the bike but I wanted to use them on my other bike!

    The size is a large-medium I would say. Will measure up and try to take pics if you are interested. (I dont have a camera just now!)

    It had some pretty standard parts on the bike, simplex 5 speed gears, an original flip-flop fixed/free rear wheel, front dynohub (sorry im having that!)

    Basically whats for sale is the frame & forks, a nice milmerno corinthian stem and with it you get a whole bunch of parts free (as they are nothing to write home about) flip-flop rear wheel, simplex gears, original cotter crankset, pedals, seatpost, a bosch dynamo & large chrome lamp housing, weinmann brakes


    I only just read the post properly, that your after a fully setup bike for this weekend!

    If anyone else is interested, let me know. Will be advertises soon.

  • I think this Raleigh could be OK with some new tires and a bit of oil. The pedal bearings are gone, but a temporary set or some work will sort them out.

  • Is that a Holdsworth? if so what model is it?

  • Is that a Holdsworth? if so what model is it?

    me? mystery bike

  • Thanks Sparky... I may be sorted now, someone has come up with a Crossroads, not a racer/tourer but a hybrid, should do the job nicely :)

  • Someone must have carried the name 'Bromwich' on after his retirement as I had a canary yellow Bromwich road frame new in 1982/3 & used it for junior road racing........really fond memories of that bike....

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Wanted: Old Touring Bike

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