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  • Ello,

    If I wanted to embed this to a post, what would be the best way of going about it?

    I tried pasting the html straight into the body of the post and tried to wrap it with the handy button above - but neither worked.

    Is it possible at all?


  • I'd be stunned if any forum or webform allowed embedded HTML. Too much risk of malicious code / exploits.

  • I was thinking that was maybe the case.

    but I as you probably know - youtube video's embed themselves automatically - so I wondered if there is any way I could adapt the code for embedding other flash players?

  • The code that does the auto embedding is in a script on the server If 'm not mistaken. To embedd a different flash player VB would have to ammend the script, as he did when a few people started putting stuff on vimeo. I think he posted the script in a thread at some point to assist someone else with their forum.

  • errr

  • Slightly OT and a basic question, but I wanted to be able to change the name of a posted URL to say something like 'link' or 'pictures'
    I know nadda about the web world and a guy from our web team said to type this


    which hasn't worked and he doesn't know why. Any clues/suggestions?

  • Are you trying to do it on the forum? If so, it doesn't work because the forum doesn't allow html.
    Use this syntax instead:

    [ URL="http://google.com" ] JFGI [ /URL ]

    But without the spaces

  • Awesome, thanks Matty.
    It worked so I guess I sort of understand what's going on.


  • Highlight the text you want to be the link, then click the 'insert link' button above the text input box. Paste in the link to the pop up window, et voila.

  • That's just inserting a link though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyTTu4Hmx­6s

    hah, working!!!... techno numpty testing.

  • .

  • techno numpty failing.

  • Is it possible to embed tweets? If so how?

  • How do I embed a YouTube vid.please?
    Pasting the link straight in or using the add link function doesn't do it.

  • If you go to the YouTube vid, then click on share, you'll see an icon for embed.
    Copy the code then in the box to type on here, you'll see </> code - hit that and paste

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Embed html

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