Bikes on Easyjet

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  • What's there to chat about? You just pay for the bike as you would any bag.

  • I worked that out in the end. The person from Easyjet just couldn't find the words.

  • I take my bike of planes 3 or 4 times a year, and different Airports / Airlines seem to have different requirements, and they seem to change randomly.

    As I've never been on Easyjet before, and their booking confirmation handily offered the opportunity to ask questions about the booking if you weren't sure.

    There was the option to call, but nobody picked up the line, and the option to 'Chat' online. My question was fairly simple - if I am bringing a bicycle in a case, do I need to notify you in advance, and do I need to pay an excess charge in advance. I never really got an answer to that question - the best I got was the helpful advice that it would need to go in the hold.

    My reason for posting, in a nutshell, was to say that Easyjet's online chat service is shit.

  • Anyone got any experience re whether the 'do not pack anything in your bike box (i.e. clothing) other than your bike' rule is actually checked/enforced? I was planning on getting my panniers in there too and using some clothes as additional padding etc, but if they're going to check I won't bother...

  • I recently flew Easyjet from Gatwick with a bike. Checked in online, then at the airport had to self-check in the bike. This involved putting the box on the weighing machine, and scanning my boarding pass. No human interaction at all, and no checks on what was in the box.

  • Cheers! Did you pack anything else with the bike?

  • Soft bikepacking luggage, toolkit. I probably could have put other stuff in, but was taking very little kit anyway.
    On the way back, stuck loads of stuff in, though was flying BA then. Actual humans at the check in desk, didn't look in the box, just weighed it.
    I reckon if challenged you could justify panniers as "integrated luggage system". I'd also speculate that so long as the box is under the weight limit, any check in staff are unlikely to hold up a queue of travellers to make you unseal, unpack, repack and reseal a box.

  • Moving to Sweden in August, which is the best airline to fly with and take a bike?

  • I Have used Easyjet for years to fly MTB to the alps - no trouble at all - just select / pay for bike on line booking system - just ensure you are under the max weight - 34 kg i think (please check) - so pack all you can up to that weight. i also recommend you pay for Easyjet Plus - as you can avoid a big queue at the airport trying to fight your way to the check in desk between the tapes that your bike bag is too big to fit between !

  • Really helpful, thank you!

  • Nice one, cheers man

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Bikes on Easyjet

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