What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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  • Put in another 24 case order with Canopy last night, just been dropped off. Amaze.

  • Nour, the shop that sells everything, still has almost everything. Underlining what a loss it's going to be.

    Brixton Wholefoods, the shop with the unfriendliest staff I've ever met, still has some things that have run out everywhere else (e.g. flour). Probably because it has the unfriendliest staff.

  • Had my Inkspot mixed case delivered yesterday. Slightly disappointed they didn't walk across the woods to deliver it as I can almost see the brewery from here. They are doing very well through the home delivery apparently.
    Hope the small breweries can ride it out.

  • There was a label on the box apologising for the lack of variety in the selection box. Don't care, loved all of the ones in the last box. And when I got the tracking confirmation email, it said that box was temporarily sold out. Not sure if they are clearing stock to tide them over or if there has just been a run on.

  • Even better than less variety, they padded it out with 11 tall cans!!!!

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  • Do you know them personally? Am thinking there is a bit more money in the King's fund and I thought it might a good idea to buy some cans for the staff as well? All I would like is a little discount so our money can go a little further...

  • They're doing discounts already, aren't they? They're OG Southy lufugussers, you've probably met them...

    Mention who they're for and that you're on here and I'm sure they'll take care of you... But don't take the piss, everyone's struggling out there...

  • As TS says, 15% off with "supersmallbiz" - I used it for the first order, not the second. Check with them on stock levels though. Or email them at info@canopybeer.com

  • Seems like they've upped free delivery to a minimum £30 spend; fancying a few more so might ping them an email and see if I can sort something out as I'm no more than a 3 minute walk away

  • Cheers for the heads up with beer... finally got the green light from King's, 1st order of 40 boxes of fruits and vegs going there tomorrow morning. Have asked them if beers are allowed just in case they are not...

  • I wouldn't put beer in for now. Find out which staff are going to use it. Not everyone drinks. Etc and so on.

  • They are going to put them out in the staff wellness centre. So I guess it's for the whole hospital... I think coffee is probably better.

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What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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