What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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  • Belair house has ideas above its station, which is saying something considering its location. Never felt comfortable there.

  • the florence is unbearable during the day on a weekend

  • The Commercial used to be OK (when I worked there - natch), standard M&B chain place. Not sure what it is like now.

  • tulse hill hotel has some good reports.

  • Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill.
    Tulse Hill Tavern
    Falcon in Clapham North (disclaimer, run by a mate of mine)

  • Railway -old school thick gravy solid honest and not flash.
    Tulse Hill Tavern- I've had two roasts there one was the best I have had any where the second was good but not as good as the first.

  • does the elm park tavern do roasts now i know its tarted up a bit now. really like that pub.

  • If you go to Le Reej order the chicken... The other stuff on offer, tho super tasty, is Paul Smortions... IMHO... #fatbastard

  • The Florence has a policy of keeping the kids out of the front bar.

  • I don';t think that the EPT does any food. They still let you order in take away, so I'd be surprised if the kitchen was operational.

  • tulse hill hotel. wasn't expecting much, was pleasantly surprised. nice chunk of brisket, coleslaw and chips for a tenner all served on a plate. a round one! drinks are a bit pricey, mind.

  • Square or gtfo.

  • What's the deal with this Pop Brixton place? Looks well dodge...

  • Is that back of the arches? Shipping containers? Fuck that.

  • Big rant about something similar innelephantnand castle. Imnswrt that here,

  • Pining for your old manor already?


  • Had some food at the tulse hill tavern, and can confirm it was half decent. Slipped my mind in my previous list...

  • Topic swerve: what's the Agile Rabbit like, are they good folks? Been asked to play there...

  • Further up the hill to Gypsy Hill. Beer Rebellion for good burgers and Ales

  • Oops. Sorry, it's not a roast! Burgers are good though.

  • the pop thing is Ok as long as they keep the rents low stay true to what they said it was for "new local business and community organisations" better to make use of the space but i did wonder if the regular market had any say in the matter and if they could have used that space ?

  • Just managed to get under the free entry wire at that there street feast in the model market in lewisham.
    Nice to see some black faces out and about, though we are outnumbered.
    Foods been nice, what I've eaten so far, and not too too pricey.

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  • Victor's a good guy, he's a local and one of the first traders to move in when the Arcade went foodie...

    He also sponsored Dead Rappers' shirts a few years back!

  • Obvs!

    But I've just moved into the nicest place I've ever lived in, I start at a new job on Monday, it's sunny every day and I get to walk a puppy every morning... Don't think I'm gonna switch back any time soon... 👌🐓

  • I get to walk a puppy every morning.


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What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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