What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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  • Ferociously broody?

  • They keep putting FTFY after everything I post.

    Feed That Fucking Youth

  • Much like Urban75 then?

  • Speaking of which, has anyone been to Off the Cuff in Herne Hill yet? I'm curious...

  • Brixton becomes nappy valley as we watch.

    Part of the phenomenon.

  • Cheese

    Doesn't sound like my kind of place.

  • www.standard.co.uk/news/london/car-overt­urns-in-middle-of-road-following-collisi­on-with-pedestrian-and-cyclist-9632246.h­tml

  • Saw that on Twitter this morning...

  • Any speculation on how the holy fuck that happened? Shirley you need to be going some to flip a car?

  • happened outside The Fridge, so magnets.

  • Nah, it was down the other end, just before the police station.

    I honestly can't see how she did it, as you say the speed needed would have been significant.

    Happily the crash structure did it's job- as long as she had her belt on she'd have been fine.

  • thanks for ruining my joke with 'facts', neil!

    jeez, no wonder you get so many p*nctures.

  • Wasn't the fridge, looks like the driver should've taken..........

    ......Plan B


    Seriously, hope nobody was badly hurt.

  • ^ bosh.

  • Driver walked out of it. Somehow; baffling.

    What tickled my goat was the reaction of other drivers caught up in the jams. I saw a builder's lorry (one of the big haulage ones) try and do a three point turn in the middle of the Atlantic Road & Coldharbour Lane junction.

    It took about 14 points, and three cycles of the traffic lights before he finished it. Mounted two pavements and three other lorries over took him on the wrong side of the road


  • Looked at the picture again. No real damaged to the bumper. It's like it just decided to flip over. This is hurting my brain.

  • Slide impact somewhere on the car photos too.

    So in that Standard explanation it's probably - Pedestrian steps into road, cyclist swerves, car driver swerves too far, bumps into something else and then tips?

  • I prefer the magnets option though.

  • Looked at the picture again. No real damaged to the bumper. It's like it just decided to flip over. This is hurting my brain.

    Disc brakes on the front - endo.

  • I saw a range rover flip over on an almost straight and totally empty stretch of 30mph limit road once. They were accelerating quite hard away from a roundabout and [speculation]perhaps distracted by a phone or something[/speculation] they strayed off line through a gentle kink in the road maybe hitting 30-35mph within a few seconds of pulling off the roundabout. They must have realised what was going on and suddenly overcorrected and front wheel clipped the kerb at an angle. I'm guessing speed, momentum, weight distribution and wheel position all combined with the way it clipped the kerb then perhaps sunk into a soft verge or something and it just flipped. I was standing on the pavement and it zipped past me at a rate of knots on it's side, across the grass verge then back onto the road and kept going for a good 30 metres. It could easily have ended up on it's roof it it clipped something else. Doesn't take as much as you'd think. No-one was hurt in my little encounter.

  • There's a dent in the side of the car. I wonder if it got nudged sideways (swerving into something, for example - all speculation) and then instead of skidding, the wheels had too much purchase, flipping it over.

  • I sometimes suffer from too much purchase.

  • I don't know if this helps but the 2nd image the front wheels aren't aligned fully so my guess is they went out of the brixton academy turning and clipped the kerb/island/crossing with the front driver side wheel while the rear driver side wheel was lifted and you can guess the rest.

    But youtube has informed me that cars are crazy dangerous and so just flip over sometimes.

    How did this happen? 10mph car flip - YouTube

  • I've flipped a car and walked away* - but I was going slightly faster than you can in Brixton in rush hour ...anyway, that's not what brought me here.

    Am on the lookout for a venue for a party in mid September - something pretty simple as am planning to get a keg from Brixton Brewery and lay on food. Any church halls / railway arches / similar anyone can suggest in the Brixton / Stockwell area?

  • There is a hall behind St Matthews Church on Stockwell Park Crescent. We used it last year a for a Christmas party as we'd out grown everyone's houses.

    Hourly charge and it has to be clean in the morning as used as a nursery and the like.

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What's it like to live in Brixton / Brixton Borders

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