Any honest opinions on 80's Falcon frames?

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  • I found a mid 80's Falcon racing frame. Forks and frame are Reynolds 531 tubing and in great shape. I dont really know much about Falcon and can only go by what I see. Does anyone have an honest opinions or some info on this?


  • falcons vary hugely, and like most 80s bike manufacturers, they went through a decidely dodgy phase.

    531 is a good sign.

  • i have an 80s falcon frame and its great. but then again i know nothing about bikes.

  • oh - and i forgot, but i used to have an F.W Hopper, which was bought by Elswick, which was then bought out by falcon.

  • My falcon says that it's made with 18-23 tubing (mentions something about carbon...) - Late 80's. Cannae' find any info on this type of tubing on the net.

    Any more info from you guys?

  • probably carbolite

  • prob carbolite, but that's weird, i thought it was proprietary peugeot tubing.

    could be cheap and lumpy raleigh cheap tubing

    this falcon is totally gorgeous, but it's mid-60s. most 60s frame builders went to the wall or started making shit in the 80s.

  • oh and carbolite is a heavy, cheap steel tubing used predominantly by peugeot on most of their bottom end frames.

  • I do have a Falcon myself, but more 70's definitely, with a nice badge on the headtube. I believe it is a Falcon Olympia.
    It would look great if resprayed, its finished in sort of baby blue.
    Frame is really comfortable, reynolds 531 tubing.

  • I agree Falcon's can vary in quality like any other brand. I have a 60's two 70's and beleive my last one is early 80's. But they are are 531 reynolds some single tubed and others double butted. The 80's is full campy equiped. I do have a few catalogs for reference inclusing a parts cat. I like the older metal badged versions.

  • another interesting falcon fact is that they're often a touch long in the top tube - at least the ines from certain era's. I used to have a facon beater that was 53st, 57tt.

  • Man, talk about reviving a thread. Ancient Chinese secret this is. I wish I had bought that Falcon I was talking about it was really nice, all chrome track frame.

  • get a kestrel or a buzzard, they are easier to care for.
    if you can afford it get an owl, they piss on falcons

  • I'd certainly get an owl over a Kestrel.

  • Never had any complaints on my Falcon frame. Apart from it being too small...

    Nice to have a British frame.

  • i have just renovated my old 1965 falcon frame, i am over 60 now and my brother and i had 2 new bikes in 64 and 65 and this is what remains, lovely wrap over rear fork design see below was all 531, but now is except front forks which i had to replace and i am now looking for some 531 front forks for 27 inch wheels to get it back to all 531. note the cardboard wrap on rear fork due to slight drop out alignment problem which i am sorting and then it comes off and just needs handle bar tape

    anyone got any 531 forks for 27 inch wheels they want to sell??


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  • The apostrophe in the thread title is superfluous.

  • Mine.

  • I have an Eagle. Its shite.

    Does the job though...

  • No. It should be "'80's". Or "1980's".

    You're a shit pedant.

    No he isn't.

    You are wrong, he is right.

  • I'd certainly get an owl over a Kestrel.

    Peregrine? Is that your new bike?

    I Kite like it...

  • I have what I think is a 80's falcon frame (the falcon symbol is totally different from the one I know and is in a stretched ARIAL font.)

    Anyway, I put about 3000 miles on it last year and am getting it resprayed this week. Altogether a pretty sold frame. Wasn't 531 but had a 6XX (X's due to it being half ripped off) falcon tubing sticker on it - which I have no idea what it means. I mailed Flacon today to see if they would be nice and help, but i'll get back as soon as i know.

  • Wow, Thread back from the dead! Waaay back when I was a newbie, how cute.

  • I have recently acquired an old Falcon Tourer, with 707 high tensile tubing.

    Anyone know what decade this could be from and whether 707 tubing is entry, mid or higher end quality?

  • How rude of me: Hello to all.

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Any honest opinions on 80's Falcon frames?

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