Which decent casual SPD shoes? Dzr, Chrome, Quoc Pham, etc

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  • Are they comfy to wear on and off bike ? I love the look, planning on buying some one day

  • i had to get them to replace mine after the heel separated on my hardcourt lows within a year.

    the second pair did it again after only a few months (partially because i was being lazy and slipping them off without untying but putting other foot on heel for leverage) but I used some Gorilla Glue to reattach and it's absolutely rock solid now.

    the stuff is so useful for £6 or whatever it costs i recommend keeping some knocking around so it's there if you need it. you may even be able to salvage the old ones if you still have them for non-best.

  • The shank broke by the clear hole so they were in need of replacing. Will get some gorilla glue have some old sidi’s where the glues denatured and the rubber sole has come away. If I can reattach there’s plenty of life left in them.

  • The hardcourt boots were pretty comfortable, wore them all day constantly.. they had more padding around the ankle, which the urbanite boot doesn’t have, but I’m hoping for the same levels of comfort.

  • I have three pairs of QP:s. The Hardcourts are from 2016 and well used. The Urbanite lows are from 2017, and the Urbanite highs are almost new. No problems as of yet (knocks on wood).

    I'd say that they are decent enough as cycling shoes, but good as walking shoes due to relatively flexible soles and recessed cleats. Use them in work also, I guess that only a few people notice that I wear cycling shoes in customer service :D

    Too bad that size 10,5 Hardcourt mids are be sold out at QP's webshop, would probably have bought another pair for the future.

  • Not sure where's best to ask this. I have a pair of Fizik mtb shoes I quite like. They've been good for the last year or so, so still have a bit of life left.

    I tried putting in some new cleats in last week but because they're the same ones that have been in their for the last year, the cleat bolts had kinda fused with the cleat plates in the shoes and stripped the threads on the way out.

    I've been trying to work out if Fizik have their own cleat plates before trying to cut them open and search for something that matches. Anyone solved this problem before?

  • No, but new cleats often come with the actual plate for the inside of the shoe, and the shoe's sole will be perforated inside to help with removal & installation.

  • Just brought a pair of these fizik terra ergo lace, saw them a while back but was put off by the £120 price tag. On sale at triuk so took a punt.
    Will report back once they’ve arrived and I’ve taken them out on the bike..

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  • If they arrive. The bargains thread is full of people having their triuk bargain orders cancelled, unfortunately.

  • Haven’t heard anything about dispatch yet, giving them the full 14 days before I start chasing. Order has been confirmed so we’ll see.
    Was hoping to use them on the new dad bike..

  • Almost a month after ordering got a dispatch confirmed email today..
    Sent two emails over the last week chasing, not sure if they had an effect or not..

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Which decent casual SPD shoes? Dzr, Chrome, Quoc Pham, etc

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