Which decent casual SPD shoes? Dzr, Chrome, Quoc Pham, etc

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  • ones that look like chuckers ideally


  • look nice but was looking for something a little less chunky and i guess lighter (nicer with shorts)

  • lovely:

  • or the northwave version (which I actually quite like..the shame)

  • lovely:

    wow I quite like these. Not for serious riding mind, but would be nice for cruising around on a nice summers night. Do you own a pair PJ?

  • no mike, i don't. i was considering getting a pair, but then realised i would have to kill myself if i did, so changed my mind.

    i can see you in them though, at the front, a little echapee.

  • you can just bolt your cleats onto a pair of decent trainers with thick soles. you just need to take the insole out and cut a slot in the sole big enough to take your pedals bolt them in, and pop the insole back in, not as stiff as a proper spd shoe, but theyre good enough for round town use

  • With those white and black Adidas shoes you could step off your fixie bike and play 18 holes.

  • lovely:

    I've said it before. These rule. You're so wrong Pj you Kill wrong of the land of wrong.

  • get some then

  • I would but I have no need.

  • i'd get them if they came in titanium.

  • i see what you did

  • well done. got to get up early to get one over nimhbus.

  • ...how about another titanium gag then?

  • I'm afraid you'll just have to endure the "GAYER!" comments like the rest of us.

  • hmmm...
    I bought a pair of the shimano DX ones a while back thinking they might be a good trade off between skate shoe looks and spd friendly function but to be honest, they're keeping their 'new' looks a bit too long - and they're also bit dorky - i a kind of 'i need these to straighten out my odd shaped ankles' way.

    The pub test last sunday night proved this theory - with lots of smirkey looks from unwashed box-room-masturbator-student-types.

    oh and the spd-jesus-creepers - wrong on too many levels.
    Though it's tempting to buy a pair and wear them with chunky socks and my WAC shirt.

  • I have this problem - Pearl Izumi used to do some nice regular-looking shoes - Fluid and another one - I have it in blue. PI have quite a wide fitting, which suits me well. Shimano do some reasonable lace-ups, but they are too narrow for me. Any suggestions?

  • Pearls are nice, i love the look of Sidis, they look mean and technical all at the same time. if i had the budget and any sense of style i'd go Nalinis all the way home.
    As always the best stylings are the road shoes not the mtb. but if i am going ass over tit i want a pair of two-tone shiney gold shoes flying over my head. 40% of the time that works every time!

  • i am sure i read about some a few years ago that were fantastic, looked like black chuckers, low cut, slim profile but they were in the process of releasing them... just cant remember who!

  • I have a pair of Specialized sumona's - comfortable, stylish, hard -wearing, they make a mens and womens version.

  • These Shimano spinning shoes look quite funky - not too crazy. I reckon they'd only be good for summer/dry rides as they are intended for indoor use in the main

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  • Bought these recently, simple, not shouty:

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Which decent casual SPD shoes? Dzr, Chrome, Quoc Pham, etc

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