Swrve clothing/mozz cycling

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  • Cheers @Bernhard. Treated myself to a Milwaukee hoodie for Christmas

  • their website is shit.
    Can't you do something about it?

  • do moths go for Modal fabric?! I've got weird holes in one of my Swrve cotton/modal baselayers

  • They will eat any natural fibre

  • Thought they only ate protein, so wool or silk? Cotton's generally left alone.

  • I think moths have had a chew on my cotton t-shirts before

    I didn't have concrete evidence, but I did have moth looking holes in my t-shirt

  • I have some holes in one of my modal shirts as well, hadn’t thought about moths before but could very well be the source of the holes.

  • Just received midweight wwr slim trousers for when I'm back at work. Reduced to £60 from £95 at the mo at first fit feels like a bargain.

  • Website doesn’t seem to have a lot of stock at the moment which is a shame because I wanted to pick up a few staples. Miss having them in Brixton because I knew I could pop in and find stuff that wasn’t listed online.

  • Going to be ordering a pair of the durable cotton trouser shorts to add to my transverse ones

  • This has been the case for a long time, every time I tried to buy something over the last 2 years it has been out of stock.

  • transverse ones

    big fan of these.

  • What is the right model of trousers to get for casual commuting in London? Quite fancy the grey cordura jeans but happy to be told others would work better

  • Has anyone done a zip replacement on an original issue Milwaukee?

  • Yes, but I took mine to a tailor and they replaced it for me.

  • Yes, but I think I got the replacement zip from Swrve then took it to a tailor.

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Swrve clothing/mozz cycling

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