Bright Times...

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  • Forum love...

  • awwwww!

  • Bromance in action.

  • ahahaha

  • i think the lens flare just sets it off nicely.

  • Bromance in action.
    definite bromance!

  • i think the lens flare just sets it off nicely.

    yes, bromantic!

  • today monday at work and all you want is a nice cold bottle of coke...
    yep bright times...

  • Ipod! Consumerist whore!

  • mates headphones so blow me. my 's are broken.

  • hahaha Coca-Cola! Consumerist Whore!

    (I like my Senns)

  • um ...

    is fucked

  • Only because they overcharge me for my limited water use. Cunts.

  • hippy do you not have anything nice to say ...ever?

  • He says nice things (about people he likes) all of the time..

  • No.

  • Argh beaten by that twat Object! ;)

  • Ha. cunt ;]

  • Shin, if it makes you feel better, add ";-)" to most of my posts.

  • hehehe

  • Didn't you read that iphone thread? Oh well.. I though it was funny. Nevermind.

  • um ...

    is fucked

    here's somethin for ya -

    did you know that the average glass of London tap water has been through the entire sewage cycle....

    ... times.......


  • Ha ha I hadn't seen that pic. I think me and you got a beautiful thing going' on there Jase ;) x

  • It's more than beautiful. ;]

  • Anyone else this morning in a fucking great mood....!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch out... this stuff is contagious...­cA

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Bright Times...

Posted by Avatar for Shinscar @Shinscar