Bike stickers and decals

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  • I'm having my Vivalo frame re-sprayed/chromed and was wondering if anyone knows if you can obtain original stickers for the frame. Also any recommendations for where to take frame for respray/chrome (London) cheers Mush

  • Armourtex in hackney...
    Vaz Finishers in SE13

    Someone posted a link a while ago for a site which makes up decals... can't remember it tho

  • Too slow sucker. :P

  • Cheers fellas just checked out the site they don't list vivalo but i will email them to see what they recommend.

  • How to Stay a Winner: Win once, never play again.

  • just for the record it was hippy's link

  • hahaha lol double victory!
    I would now like to announce my retirement from URL posting.
    It's been great. I'd like to thank my competitors and my fans alike.
    God Bless.

  • Hi All,

    Going to get the BJ powder coated including the extra gloss coat. I may keep it stealthy and have no graphics, however I do like the old style Bob Jackson decals, so what to do? The old style decals are not available although a head tube badge can be bought via ebay. Either way, decals cannot be put under the gloss powder coat due to the 200 degrees baking temperature.

    1. Is it viable to fit a head tube decal on top of the gloss coat or will it scratch and look shite in no time at all? This is not a beater bike.
    2. I'm used to getting vinyl text cut from an illustrator file and putting it onto walls, it doesn't have a huge amount if stick, any ideas if this is viable for a logo on the down tube?
      Other methods?
  • I got some harry hall decals from here....­/NICK_AT_LLOYDS/

    Stick to clearcoat fine and have stood up to rain and shite from the road plus cleaning and even a slight prang from another bike on the Aus ride.

    He'll have Jackson ones for sure.

    1. should be fine, nothing really comes in contact with the headtube on a regular basis.
    2. search and find this :)
      gil's decals are really nice, very well made but not the toughest. haven't seen the other guy's but they seem pretty good (good recommendations)
  • For any bike related decals Gil M is the man as per above. He is hugely helpful.

  • So... was debating restoring my Gitane (who puts decals on over the clearcoat? The bloody French, that's who!), as 34 years of service have left her looking a like most 34-year-olds.

    I'm still swinging daily between the viewpoints that restoring this frame is either a) going to make her look wonderful; or b) remove her personality.

    Anyhow, whilst looking into the options, I came across this eBay seller, that does reproduction decals for an enormous range of vintage steeds, and I thought I'd share it with you good folks:

    Cyclomondo's eBay store.

    (disclaimer: I've got nothing to do with this guy, just thought the info might be useful to someone)

  • You can get speciality papers to make waterslide decals using both inkjet printers and laser printers.

  • fitting the decal/vinyl just spray some water on to help move around to final spot and let dry. you could hand paint a thin enamel clearcoat (£1.25 from hobb shop) to help keep the transfers shiny and protected.

  • Laser link wasn't working should be this
    Nice one both of you.
    Anyone one for CNUT logos?

  • Sorry about the dodgey link.

  • x

  • Google for Lloyds transfers, they did mine for my Dave Russell. He'll make up anything for you our of all sorts of different materials. Get him on the phone and see what he says.
    Another option would be to ring Brant at On One, they use a powdercoater up in Leeds that they recommend, he'll also know the score for stickers/transfers.

  • where can i get some?

  • This guy does old school NOS decals. I got a set from him a while back for my Team Raleigh. Pricey though...­colZ4QQdirZ1QQfsubZQ2d33QQftidZ1QQtZkm

  • Anyone know where I can get hold of old Raleigh decals?

  • Cheers Jol

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Bike stickers and decals

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