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  • Yep, probably Johnny, he's a proper photographer!

    you had some fucking skills last night by the way.

    he has a flickr account which is well worth checking out:­8/

  • yep I was dropping some good stuff. thanks anyway I will ask johnny.

  • is anyone going today night to the roof?

  • Nah, I think that most people are heading over to the London to Paris film screening on Brick lane.­ml

  • pretty bummed i cant get down to the screening
    im hopefully gona be getting my trick bike up and running by the new year.
    where actually is the carpark?

  • carpark is whites row, just south of spitalfields market.

    Not sure if I can make trix tonight, but may pop by the film night for a beer

  • To everyone who went out riding after the premiere, thanks for such a sick time.
    We'll get something set up so we can do it on the regular.

  • maybe down next week, got some flat pedals and hold fasts on the way (single clips and straps not enough, double straps too expensive, and cage pedal not grippy enough)

  • To everyone who went out riding after the premiere, thanks for such a sick time.
    We'll get something set up so we can do it on the regular.

    How about every tuesday night? Up on the carpark roof? ;-)

  • No way, it'll never catch on.

  • I'll be there tonight, boom box on my rack,

    It's mother fuckin wheelie o'clock tonight gentlemen!

  • So it was another great night, I finally learnt how to do bar rolling along barspins! Admittedly it took a fair amount of throwing my lovely bike all over the carpark and falling over.

    I've got some pics (and a video) from the night on my flickr here:­eer/sets/72157614006286554/

    Not sure if I can make next week, as it's my staff christmas party. So see you all soon

  • is someone going tonight to the roof?

  • Missing going up to the roof and skidding on frozen patches of ice!

  • And so you should be Phil! Where are you these days?

  • So, I'm going to make an appearance up on the roof tonight, although it is Fucking Freezing!

    My God, this is unnatural.

  • yeh me too, gonna swing by after work at about 7.30. Long time long time. I wish I had the ingredients for a hot toddie or two

  • Good to see the winter crowd on the roof last night. Hope you all got home safe. Was loving Robin's new front wheel. Love that eBay! Got a few pics of the new BLT aswell...­xteen/4250976338/

  • it was a very cold night, a bit of dutch courage from the bottle of red definitely helped warm my insides.

    Ebay is truly a wonderful thing, the wheel has a few creaks and groans (it looks like it's from the 80's) however I'm hoping being a mountain bike wheel rather than track one it will stand up to the abuse.

    Mr Winstone has just put a few pics up on the Tuesday Night Trix blog

    oops did I just let the cat out of the bag? ;-)

    I'll be back next week, showing you all up with my skillz as usual!

  • of which wheel are you talkin about....
    i am bloody curious!!

  • the one from the link just there ↑

    Rhino Tec 26" mountain bike carbon tri-spoke with skinny gator skin tyre.

    ebay £50 + tyre + innertube


  • I didn't even know there was a blog and it was started some 4 months ago?!

  • it's been a bit of a work in progress for ages.

  • anyone is going later?!?

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