For Sale: 70's roy thame (holdsworth)

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  • 22inch 531 frame
    suede kashimax saddle
    weinmann levers and calipers
    shimano crane front and rear mechs 5 speed regina corsa screw on block
    APEX 53/39 chainset and cranks
    sunshine hubs and original rims galvanised spokes not shiny but are sound
    ALL CABLE CLAMPS AND GEARS FITTING ARE CLAMP ON nice clean frame for fixed
    excellent condition for its age
    see pics
    £150 ono

  • nice bike dude - I **can **afford it at the moment. would you sell me the bike? pm me if you like..

  • why am i always late for these things...

  • fsck.

    2nd dibs?

  • I can't take this sorry.
    Got to not spend any money for a long long while.
    A year should probably do.

  • reculver, did you get me PM? seems like it should be fine, can i see it?

  • suede kashimax are worth serious dolla to the right peeps

  • hey skeleton boy how much is serious dolla .pajamas wanted the saddle but im its going as a whole bike only

  • pajamas wanted the saddle because pajamas likes suede and is looking the world over for a comfortable saddle - not because pajamas wanted to sell it on for serious dorrah.

    Neither has pajamas serious dorrah. Cheers, skeletonboy, on behalf of myself and most likely Superprecise..

    However if everyone looks once more to my original post - first reply - you will see I had first dibs all along.

    Hee heeeeee!!!!!!!!;)

  • I did the same thing ones, here in the forum
    then I feel shit for a couple of days
    now I don't care any more
    being sneaky I mean

  • rik!! I'm surprised at you, you seemed like such a decent fellow!!!

  • haha you editing git

  • I know... not a excuse, but I was piss after the east drinks.

    rule one - never post piss

    I repeat this like a mantra everytime I sit in front of the PC

  • haha you editing git

    yeah but it's in the spirit of never getting that saddle now..........;D

  • pajamas ,i meeting superprecise tomoz,if he dont like the saddle maybe he will sell it to you,nice bit of editing BTW

  • maybe reculver, maybe... cheers for a funny thread anyway..:)

  • [INDENT]its Back On The Market Come On Somebody Must Want This Piece Of Bicycling History

  • Ill Take That It That Nobody Wants This Pile Of Crap Then Lol

  • somebody buy it, it looks nice.

    (i can't, skint)

  • My first track frame was a Roy Thame, absolutely gorgeous bike.
    This one's a bit small for me, I'm afraid

  • eculver. I'm very interested have sent PM.

  • Reculver. I'm very interested have sent PM.

  • well i finally sold it,this piece of bicycling history has gone to a loving home

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For Sale: 70's roy thame (holdsworth)

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