Dragon Ride

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  • A few friends said I should show my photos from last weekend's ride. So here they are. My time was 6 hours 18 minutes for 75 miles with three 500metre assents.

  • wicked one 50/14. Like the fact your three photos show that most of the time you were concentrating on the ride, which I'm sure demanded it. Looks like incredible scenery. Well done on your time man.

  • Awesome!

  • Pfft! Where are the Dragons? False advertising!!!!

    Well done 50/14!

  • Forgot you were doing that, Paul. Great stuff. Well done.

  • Now you can do London to Oxford....my knees still ache 4 days later.
    Well done 50 / 14.

  • good job paul. top effort with that much climbing.

    did you see illy (matt)?

  • good job paul. top effort with that much climbing.

    did you see illy (matt)?

    Sadly, no I've never met him and don't know what he looks like!

  • From another forum about the ride:
    I made it 2584m/8479ft ascent and 2591m/8501ft descent. Over a couple of hundred meters shorter than advertised.

  • I just got a place for the Dragon Ride this year... last sportive I'll be doing before the Etape. Anyone else done/or doing it this year? Planning on being much fitter/lighter by June 5th but still looks like a pretty tough course.

    Never been to Wales before either so firsts for everything...

  • Hi all..new member here.

    I'll be doing the Dragon this year and it'll be my 4th..all of which have been the longer distance. Great event, well organised and nice scenery. Let's hope the weather's kind.

  • Amazingly, it sold out in 2 hrs this year for 2011. I got in this year, but sadly I have to leave the UK before the Jun 5th race date :-(

  • I have no place but am going along to ride it anyway. Ha!

  • I'll be doing the long route again this year and it'll be my 3rd. Fantastic route and very well organised. Then a couple of weeks later I'm off to the Alps for a week in Marmotte territory.

  • The long route????

    That's fucking crazy man!

  • The long route????

    That's fucking crazy man!

    It's really not that bad if you train for it. Problem is I think a lot of people don't prepare properly and then kill themselves on the day.

  • ^Fuck off Bear! I forgot the entry swapping paperwork again :(

  • Anyone need transport back to London after? Some friends and I have half-filled a 16 seater coach (+ driver & trailer for bikes). It'd be <£50 pp.

    BTW we're doing the long one so it's a late departure. 7:30pm pick up at the finish line I think.

  • possibly-when do you need to know by?

  • It's already booked so whenever I guess. More people lowers the cost and there's plenty of room at the mo.

  • Cool-I'm a provisional then (provisional on actually being able to be back on my bike and fit enough to go that is...) will defo keep you posted. How're you guys getting down there? I'm a bit worried about the train for actually transporting my bike so I might end up just hiring a car out of necessity :/

  • OK, nice one. Let me know either way.

    I'm getting a train from London on Saturday. Booked the seat and bike reservation a while ago. If you're thinking about train I'd get onto that ASAP as I think spaces are limited.

  • I should have been but I've been off the bike since crashing on 1st April.

    Fingers crossed for a vast improvement in weather this week.

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Dragon Ride

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