For Sale: Chain tugs for old road frames

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  • I'm thinking of making up a few chain tugs for use with horizontal dropouts ie. old road frames. Would anyone be interested? £3-£5 possibly

  • if they'd fit forward facing horizontal dropouts (i've got a conversion) Then I would be very interested.

  • yeah, that's what I mean. still working on the first one, original idea didn't work. I'll repost when I have it working.

  • sounds good man

  • gotta wait a day or two for the 10mm HSS drill bit to arrive, then I'll bodge up a prototype and post photos.

  • Some thing like this works (my version made about 2 years ago). Small holes are tapped for bolts for adjustment.

    Find suggestible suitable piece of metal, drill three holes, cut half way through where you want the bend, bend it over weld up the gap, grind and clean up, tap two small holes, paint put bolts in holes. I have not got picks of the finished job I am afraid.

  • i had a slightly similar idea but the first one i made the donor metal wasn't strong enough so it flexed. also don't have a welder.

    will post pics when I get one done. The idea is to make a few and sell them to people here for cheaper than the on-one's or equivalent.

  • count me in

  • i'll take 2 with an option for an additional set once tested

  • I like it too

  • Good idea,
    I'd take 1 or 2.

  • Ooh I'd definately be keen on a couple.

  • I'd probably take one too.

  • Groovy, now I know there's interest I'll crack on with production. Hang fire and I'll post back when I get somewhere with it.


  • yes please

  • hi there,

    i'll have some. i have a pair of old cyclo chain tugs which do the trick, but these are hard to find, and prone to slipping every once in a while.

    think i've included a couple of pics in case they're helpful. pm me if you want more info...

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  • thats similar to one of my ideas but i was worried what it would do to chainline, having extra metal inside the dropouts.

    i've knocked up the first prototype, not 100% happy with it, does the job, just not well enough for me to sell it to someone else.

  • would people still be interested if I basically reproed the cyclo style ones? I reckon you could offset having the metal inside the dropout by adding a washer to the other side of the hub

  • i'd be interested still.

    i'd suggest if you were going to copy those, to make them about half as long - they only have to pass over the bottom of the dropout and round to the other side - and also to think about putting two bolts in and not one - to improve stability (like surly tugnuts).

    is that helpful? they are the faults i've found with the the cyclo ones.


  • noted, ta.

  • I'd be interested too Steveo. Looking forward to seeing the prototypes!

  • Is it not possible to mount outside the dropouts and preserve chainline?

    (imagine it's a drop out and not a track end)

  • it is, if you can afford nice machined billet metal or pay for the tooling to get some forged or have a welder.

  • i made some out of L-section aluminium (gets past not having a welder) a couple of years ago... some for BMX, and some for old forward facing drop outs, one set lasted about a year on my fix but then the threads stripped... oh well.

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For Sale: Chain tugs for old road frames

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