Hello! Chainring spacers

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  • Hello, new here :D in fact my first foray into foruming ever!
    So.. my chainline is very slightly out.. The front chainring is about 0.5-1.5mm too far inwards. I was planning on spacing it out with chainring spacers, and popped down to my lbs to see if they had any handy. However they didn't seem too keen on the idea, as they said spacers would reduce contact between the chainring and the crank spider (specifically the curvy bit nearest the centre, if you know what I mean), which wouldn't be good. I can kinda see where they're coming from, and was wondering what people thought about this? I don't really want to fork out for a new bb with a 2mm longer axle!

  • ss or fixed?

  • my bb is too long, we coulda swapped but I aint local. shame.

  • you need a new b/b, spacers are weak.

  • 0.5 - 1.5 mil isn't that bad, is it making any noise or is it purely for peace of mind that you want to get it perfect? You might just be able to get away with it as it is. If you want it perfect, I would recommend a new BB. You can get a shimano (JIS) or a miche (ISO?) for a tenner.

  • I wouldn't worry about 0.5-1.5mm either. The tolerances to which chainrings and cranks are made are aren't far off that, so it's a bit pointless.

  • thanks for the help guys
    it's a fixie
    and it's just making a little bit of noise, it's not much of a problem really! just like things to be completely silent lol

  • Yeah, I do too. I thought I had a problem with some cranks being bent, but took them to the shop I bought them from and they claim it's normal.

    Is it noisy when you're riding? I can never hear my bike any noise whatsoever when I'm riding it, only if I lift it up and crank by hand.

  • It might not be the chainline causing the noise - it might be the chain/dirty cogs etc. Some chains are just plain noisy.

  • I have, somewhere, a collection of spacers that will fit between the fixed cup and the BB shell.
    Variety of widths, should be able to do 1- 1.5 mm. Obviously it will move your L/H crank over by the same amount, but may solve the chainline problem.
    Give me a shout if you're interested and I'll dig them out

  • Anyone got a 0.8mm chaining spacer I can has?

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Hello! Chainring spacers

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