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  • well it's our own separate little forum, not too sure what the real advantage over the previous thread is but it could be handy....

    Spotted a bloke with a white bob jackson with bullhorns in shock horror evans.

    Promise i was only in there for energy bars saw the queue and went next door to the body building place which it turned out was loads cheaper.

  • I can move the thread in here if you'd like.

  • how's the Rolls Kelvin?

  • I can move the thread in here if you'd like.

    that would seem to make sense if thats not too much grief vb

  • cool. our own forum : )

    i saw two fixies in town today - some girl with gold deep v's, with some dude, didn't see his bike. they were by st peter's church. i also spotted some guy on a pista bombing it down western rd a few days ago - lots of tat's, cap.

  • yeah definitely seems to be more out and about, not sure if it's just the weather or just londoners down for the day?

  • hello hello hello...

    so elvis says the beacon was mental - was getting that way when we headed home at 9:15!
    hope the ride home was good, kelvin.

    no ride for me on Wednesday, but I'll try to get down the the track.


  • beacon was nuts. so many people to weave around. how many times did i shout 'on your right'. but strangely easier than when there are cars about.

  • well at least i have an excuse for my poor beacon showing today...

    I got home and had an asthma attack, despite never suffering before apparently it's been bought on by my cold and the hayfever.

    Short trip down a&e, half an hour on some breathing mask thing and a prescription of steroids and ventalin and I'm finally feeling like i'm not going to die.

    Moral of the story, if you're feeling ill five hours in the saddle doesn't always help.

    And now I have an inhaler to help my oxygen intake before the hill climb race;)

  • kelvin that's terrible!
    sorry to hear it, but glad you're ok.

  • hope you're feeling better Kelvin!!

    was talking to Lewis about the hill climb yesterday - i won't be there : ( but you'll need to organise some walkie-talkies, stop watches, and some spoke cards to commemorate the climb. let me know if you need any help with that - i have access to a laminator.

  • cheers for the well wishes, feel a bit of a goon like makes me seem unfit and over did it, when actually it's never something I've had a problem with in the past.

    With the hill climb I'm open to moving the date if we think it will help us getting a better turn out?

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Our own little forum

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