Tri-spokes etc

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  • HED definitely modified the design so I'm not suprised.

    Oh and Timmy, You're a cunt!

  • Oh and Timmy, You're a cunt!

    ??? What sorry ehh?

    Are you come for a drink tonight?

  • Timmy. not Tommy.
    Got a dinner date tonight I'm afraid.

  • you can get different hub axle arrangments. to change a front to a rear. but as mentioned it will be just screw on, no lockring thread.

    people change spinergy's to fixed using a surly fixer thingy, all the time. if you need a new axle give us a holla as we have a tech dude thats makes stuff for our lab and he's spun up a new axle for me b4 ;)

  • oh todd, that's a shame! Is it tub or clincher, your rim? I'm surprised that they don't have replacable hubs. Tekk a hacksaw to it? Shrug...

    Is the width of the cassette part more than 100 mil?

    Yes it's a shame. But like I said, it's spare so if anyone's interested in trying to convert it, I'll sell it. It's for tubs. I bought a (reasonably priced) pair! ;-)

  • what happened to the front then?

  • I'll be keeping the front. Wondered if I could convert the rear too.
    I've seen so many great composite rear wheels and had been thinking about how to switch hubs.

    I'm sure someone will buy it...

  • can someone explain "screw on blocks" i was tempted to buy one of these on ebay to run fixed.. but didn't like to take the risk. is there a way of running one of these as fixed rear?



  • the screw on block is a cassette that screws on.
    it has a single thread you could put a freewheel on safely, but not ideal to fixed riding as there is no second reverse thread for a lockring.

  • you can use a BB lockring, but it's sketchy.

  • Can you not take the freehub off like this...
    I've just bought a rear specialized tri spoke and want to convert it to a front wheel or a fixed but haven't recieved it yet and I dunno what hub it's got.

    Does anyone know what hub it's likely to be?­iewItem&rd=1&item=230278801661&ssPageNam­e=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=013

  • when I emailed HED about converting a freehub rear to a front/track wheel, they replied and said 'NO' in massive writing. Good customer relations...

  • I'm probably being stupid but... If it's a thread-on then surely it should be slim enough to fit as a front? ..and if it's a freehub then it can be unscrewed so it will then be slim enough to fit??

  • The seller of this auction seems to think his Specialized tri-spoke can be run fixed/freewheel and front or back...­00c-wheel_W0QQitemZ230282617369QQcmdZVie­wItem?hash=item230282617369&_trkparms=72­%3A1121%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C24­0%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

    Todd, have you managed to get your cassette off yet?

  • Is there any way of telling what kind of hub this has from the picture? (It's a 7 speed Sachs cassette)

  • ...and, can any one tell me why I can't post a new thread. Is this forum fucked or something?

  • It's because you're new. It's to stop the forum getting cluttered up with new threads for random questions that could be dealt with in old threads.

  • Ah that makes sense. Thanks.

    So, although this is probably a noob question, is it possible to tell what kind of hub is on the wheel above? It arrives on Friday and if it cant go on teh front it's going straight back on ebay.

  • it will have a screw-on block, with a centre axle about 130mm. you could cut the axle down to 100mm i suppose or get another axle.

  • I have a HED Disc wheel, pretty sure its the same Hub, HED sell a track kit for the Hub (inc lockring) that allows it to run fixed and gives it a 42mm ish chain line, the all you have to do is respace it and fit a track axle, which i got Syzmon at SBR in Fulham to do as i didnt trust my skills.

    Heres the kit - i spoke to Hed first to check it was the correct part, i would advise you do the same!

    Its not listed on their webstore but they do have it, remember you need the track axle kit too which is sold seperately to , so call em up:

    Heres a good blog with pics on said conversion­sembling-kit-to-enable-plans-for.html

  • i've got one of those adaptor spacer things in my desk.

  • if it takes a cassette then no
    if it takes a screw on block then yes, but u'll need to change the axle

  • Like Brian said! ^
    I sold mine and got one which worked.

  • Is there any way of telling what kind of hub this has from the picture? (It's a 7 speed Sachs cassette)

    If it is a Sachs 7 speed it is certainly a screw on block not a casette. Early Trispokes are interchangeable front and back. Call up HED and they will sell you the correct length front axle and spacers. They are ludicrously easy to instal.

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Tri-spokes etc

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