Epic fail

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  • C'mon, apparently the guy can't even afford a pair of socks.

  • Luxury real estate professional who specialises in the Milton Keynes area ...

  • Quas is winning that particular game of Top Trumps hands down.

  • Luxury real estate professional who specialises in the Milton Keynes area ...

    You laugh but you can eaily drop £10m+ on a house in that neck of the woods. Proximity to Cranfield and Sywell airports is quite a big deal to the private-jetted rich. People who buy this property just want seclusion and security so don't hang out at the MK center.

    I highly doubt there is enough luxury property in the area to make a career out of it though, especially as most of it is sold by the handful of high end agents that have established themselves. Tyron Nash is not one of them 😂

  • I know. He’s been kind of struggling to rebuild his portfolio.

  • not only is that the team, but some of that team have their own teams

  • The Tyron Ash site is gold, so much richness in the biographies - Tyron himself “has regularly broken down barriers in all of his experiences to date”.

    Shame he didn’t mentor Stephanie Thorndycroft in breaking down ticket barriers, hey?

  • following on from that short tickets thing my mate used to complain about a scruffy bloke who'd regularly get in lockstep with him/others and push through the barriers at fenchurch street station as they used their ticket to go through on their way to work in the mornings.

    Imagine his surprise when another friend who got the train with him one day and saw the guy told him it was a former undefeated light welterweight world champion (allegedly) who shall remain nameless.

  • I remember seeing a former undefeated light welterweight world champion doing stand up comedy years back, was terrible - absolutely died but I don’t think anyone in the audience was brave enough to heckle him. He walked off after about ten minutes.
    He also missed the joke about himself and boxing quotes with the punchline “one more round and I’d have killed him”

  • I’m concerned about the other 5%...

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  • Genuine hearty laugh at that. Thanks for pasting it.

  • would anyone be able to fact check tyron ash's £900mn in residential sales
    seems like a lot given that so called top trump quas miah and his gold cushions have only done £50mn

  • Yeah you'd have to sell a £3m property every week for six years. Could maybe work if it was the same £3m property. Like maybe it has a horrible hidden bathroom that people only discover when they move in.

  • What % commission do you think he is on on that £900mn of sales?

  • Most EAs are on a low basic and then 10%-20% of the fees the EA charges.

    At the luxury end of the market the fees are generally 1%+VAT. So £50mm of sales = £500k of EA fees so he would have probably got somewhere between £50k and £100k of that as commission.

    The £900mm is the total sales of the whole company, not just Tyron himself.

  • Eh, what's the problem here?

  • Eh, what's the problem here?

    A shitty website with badly written content somehow providing the internet with an opportunity to sneer at people's aspirations coupled with a smattering of laughing at people's appearances.

  • Ah.

  • very unique.

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Epic fail

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