Epic fail

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  • Lols are everything

  • Maybe not the best choice of words....

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  • Just went to local Aldi.

    Bloke bought 80 'compostable' plastic bags from the checkout.

    Asked him Why?

    'Well it helps the environment doesn't it'

    Wut! Why?

    'I use them for the recycling'

    You know that is what the Green Bin is for?

    'I put my recycling in the bags and then put them in the green bin'

    Nnnnngggggg..... 😵

  • Compostable food bags? Ours states that food waste needs to be bagged up in said compostable bags and not just loose in the green bin, I guess to stop the bin getting all skanky and moldy inside, makes moving it from the little food bin to the big green one easier too.

  • No. He bought 80 shopping bags from the till because they are 'compostable'.

    We have a Brown Bin for garden compostable waste. He was bagging up the recycling bin (paper, plastic and metal) waste in shopping bags.

  • Yeah, that's stupid.

  • Suntour Cyclone shift levers box, in case you're wondering.

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  • Uxbridge stabbing: Teen was killed at knife awareness course https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lo­ndon-50344640

  • New York State cycling infrastructure generally, and this New Jersey signage in particular.

    I was alone, but If I could have, I would have ridden two abreast AS WELL

  • If a driver kills a cyclist or pedestrian in NYC the police make up outrageous bullshit to blame the victim, including saying they weren't using a crosswalk when the driver who struck them at 60mph knocked them down the street. Plus if you get cut up by a driver you can check the vehicle violations to see what fines they've had in the last few years. It's bloody terrifying. Half the police officers at one station had vehicles with violations that would see a UK driver banned 3 times over.

  • Somebody's boss clearly told them "Just re-use the banner ad for the highway billboards"

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  • Re-use?

  • Damn autocorrect

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Epic fail

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