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  • If anyone cares, I'm still using Prolink, it doesn't last as long as wet lube, but it also doesn't pick up any crap. None of my chains have had more than a wipe off since I've been using it. You do need to remove all other lube before the first application though.

  • Just ordered some of this. Is it genuinely good for all conditions?

  • I rate muc offs degreaser if you want something eco. The pink stuff is rubbish tho

  • +1 Squirt or smoove.
    Haven't noticed much of a difference between them.

  • Think the only difference is in wet conditions. Squirt immediately vacates your chain if the ground is soaking and it's getting sprayed continuously. Smoove is much better in wet conditions, but is slightly gunkier than Squirt.

  • How long does this squirt stuff last? Bottle indicates a century, that’s less than a weeks commute. Kinda seems a bad idea to have it water based, the finish line stuff i used to use lasted forever, but doesn’t exist anymore. That said, clean and silent chain today, so that’s good.

  • Fyi smoove is wax based so doesn't rinse off in rain. You need to use hot water to soften it, and then degreaser can get it off.

  • For wet weather use, particularly on single gear chains (we are coming into the winter bike season)
    I like to use molybdenum disulphide - available in car shops as 'Molyslip'. It's also good in any unsealed bearing. On the chain it seems more water resistant than straight mineral oils.­_disulfide

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