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  • I still have the parts for a back wheel, so I'd be interested in maybe a refresher/build-another class of some sort. I've already laced it up, but I need to tension and true it.

  • oh, those are sweet vU - nice work!

  • well, the class was ace: thanks guys! and moose76, presumably you're the one to thank for the pils? i knew i should have been less stoned beforehand, and then everything might have been a bit quicker, but at least all my holes matched (don't forget to grease your nipples, kids! and i'm now one wheel happier than i was before.... framebuilding classes next?

    Sorry for the late reply as I have been over in deepest darkest Ireland...

    Otters thanks for organising, and big thanks to Matt and Dale for all the help. Also Matt, thanks for the tube man, got me home all good. T'was great fun and I got some funny looks around old street on the "borrowed" brompton and white deep V strapped to my back. I eventually made it back home at 2am...

    Thanks for the beers moose and kat!

    Good to meet you guys...

  • oh, those are sweet vU - nice work!

    +1 they look ace with the black spokes.

  • We were pretty studious and reserved last night; very few beers consumed, no drunken nonsense. We didn't even give Ved a hard time for turning up on a stolen brompton. I still say that Deep V would have made that bike. I fear tomorrow's session may be a riot - afternoon beers, a bit of sunshine ...

    I was EXTREMELY surprised too... it got me to matts and back so I was happy...

    And it was not stolen it was "borrowed" ;)

  • dogsballs actually made 17 wheels in the few hours it took all of us to make one wheel - look, can you see how fast his hands are working?! ;-)

  • Yeah, was a great day and learned loads. Cheers Matt and Dale and Ian for arranging. Even if I did cheat with my radial re-build.

    Good to put a few more faces to names.

    Yeah, I had great day too. Lovely to meet everyone, it was lots of fun hanging out and learning so much. Taking into account my previous experience truing wheels I'm still amazed I actually managed to get my head round it! Big thanks to all involved...Matt for his patience, Dale for building my front wheel, Ian for organising and Joel for the Red Stripe. I'd advise anyone who can't build wheels to get round Matt's place when he organises another class.

    Was it you who had the 22t lazerboy?

    Nah, wasn't me...I think it was the guy who building up the CXP33's (sorry, can't recall his name)?

  • Great class guys. It was good to sit and build as I was so hungover any other activity would have been painful. Cheers to dogsballs especially.

  • Hia, I'm a complete beginer with bike mechanics and wiould like to learn how to build weels.

    Is there another session coming up guys?


  • I am another starter bike mechanic interested in learning to build wheels.

  • THere are a few folk said they'd be interested, but there isn't another class planned.

    If you want to take the lead and organise one, it's dead simple, here's how:

    1. send PM to smallbrownbike (Matt) and ask if he's still up for doing it again, and negotiate terms (i.e. when is he free, can you use his place & tools, were the numbers okay last time, is £20 a head okay?). If not, ask on the forum if anyone else will do it.

    2. post a new thread, with the date. Await interested parties to sign up.

    3. get the bits and build your wheels.


  • I've PM'ed SBB about a possible sesh. Watch this space.

  • Here's the (front) wheel I built at the Wheel Build class, haven't got round to riding on it yet as I was waiting on the Rubino to arrive, but now its done I reckon its a bit too slave... :/

    Might start again with a Black deep V

  • Looks very nice, I think it works well with the lighter coloured panel on the down-tube.

  • Thanks VU, not so sure myself. Might just keep it there until one of the spokes pops!

    Have you ridden on your wheel-set yet?

  • Thanks VU, not so sure myself. Might just keep it there until one of the spokes pops!

    Have you ridden on your wheel-set yet?

    Not yet, I'm saving them for the Gazelle I'm building, which is a slow 'when I can' build.

  • I'd be quite keen for a wheel building class.

    Complete newbie.

    I'd need a little notice - slowly getting my parts together.


  • 16th August or the 23rd of August?

    Or even both if the numbers are there...

    Same set up as last time. Bring along parts for the build and a little beer. Plus any wheel building questions you may have. A note pad may be handy as well as a camera.

    £20 per head, same as the last ones sound ok?

  • I'd be interested in this for the 23rd

  • i am in....

  • I may need a refresher too for my rear wheel build. 23rd sounds good.

  • In for the 23rd.

  • I am in for this. 23rd is fine. So far I think it is:

    1. Zach
    2. whatamidoing
    3. Ved
    4. tomasito
    5. wizzy_sy
  • Wheel Building Class 23rd of August - £20 per head

    1. Zach
    2. whatamidoing
    3. Ved
    4. tomasito
    5. wizzy_sy
    6. Johan
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Wheel Building Class

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