• !!

    That is the exact place the dropout snapped on one I had owned. I can’t help as far as a fix, mine went for scrap.

  • My Marin snapped there too. Was told it was not weldable due to metal type , so I bought a new frame..

  • I was going to turn it into a lamp stand and submit it to Find It Fix It Flog It, but couldn’t bear the thought of Henry Cole’s enthusiasm.

  • Got this 725 Genesis off ebay... noted this tyre rub, is it cause for concern? it seems to have made a bit of an indent ...

    will i die?

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  • will i die?

    I'd be claiming so for a refund. Was it included in the listing?

  • is it that bad? unrideable?

    it was listed as some dings and some tyre rub, but it didn't look bad from the pictures provided. seller is being quite helpful. just send it back? or ask for a partial refund?

  • I'd ride it but I'd still try for a partial refund unless it was clear in the ad

  • I suspect I have a slight ellipses in the head tube of my retro steel mtb. Because it creeks. I stripped and regressed stem bolts etc and readjusted the headset.
    I am considering a tiny beer can shim but also heard about a kind of loc-tite that essentially works as filler.
    What would mechanics and builders on here recommend?

  • I would take it to someone who can face and ream your headtube .

  • Thanks!

  • spotted this morning that the seatstay has separated from the seattube / seat cluster - I thought it might have been limited to a problem with the paint and whilst it feels fine to ride it's possible to push the seatstay away from the cluster by hand (yikes!). tubing is Reynolds 501.

    any recommendations for getting this repaired / how much is it likely to set me back? my preference would be going somewhere in London but I'd be happy to travel beyond.

    although the bike originally cost me £60 it's pretty important to me, one i'd never sell. I think i'd be ok with the paint being damaged in the process and clearcoating over the top once it's done - tells a story and all that.

  • getting excited now looking at projects like this hopefully its salvageable.

  • Where are you based?

  • Yeah that’s easily repairable. Paint will get a bit knackered but like you say, tells a story.

    Winston Vaz maybe?

  • stratford (the London one not the Shakespeare one)

  • I'd give it a go for say, a tenner? But I'm in Putney.
    Vaz would be better and closer I imagine but don't know his prices

  • thanks! i might well take you up on that. I've emailed Winston just to see how much it would cost as I couldn't see a price for this specific issue on his website (thanks @M_V).

    I've been following your frame gluing thread in wonderment and it would be really great if getting this sorted could also contribute to your process and progress. how would you feel about adding a rear disc tab as well?

  • Thanks! I've a long way to go but I'm offering because it would be a super simple repair and I'd probably do it with silver, it wouldn't damage a large area of the paint

    how would you feel about adding a rear disc tab as well?

    The sticking it on wouldn't be a problem but I'm not sure I'd be able to easily get it in the right alignment without some more equipment. You'd want to brace the stays also for strength

  • I have a dent in the top tube of my lugged steel track frame and ever time I see it I feel sad. After someone to replace the tube and respray the frame and fork, preferably enamel. Thinking a nice subtly metallic champagne colour Any recommendations please? Don’t want to spend the earth but I’d like a good job done. Thanks!

  • @pizzarat, bit late but maybe Stayer in leytonstone? No idea how much he'd charge but he's a nice guy and might be able to give you a price on the phone. Theres also Bikefix in lambs conduit st, they have prices online. Good luck.

  • You could get the dent filled and resprayed. Wouldn’t need a new tube

  • Ok, cool. Should I go with champagne or silver paint?

  • Great, thanks.

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Frame Dents and Repair - Kinked, Dinged or Bent Top tube, Dent Down tube, etc

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