• If that wasn't mentioned in the description then I'd be seeking a full refund via paypal. A ding like that on aluminium will cause catastrophic failure sooner rather than later.

  • I said partial coz he's already stripped the parts that came on it. Could you still get a full refund without having to send it all back?

  • Has anyone tried a hot glue gun to pull a dent? They are very cheap now less £10 on amazon. Will they work on a steel bike

  • How would this work? Wouldn't it kill the paint?

  • It would probably chip the paint which could be touched up. This would be preferable to welding a rod in order pull the dent.
    And more importantly no heat that may cause structural damage.
    Steel tubing on modern bikes is ridiculously thin at points.

  • Mmm yea I read up some more after asking, about PDR and the DIY attempts. Thinking about this on the minor dent on the Koga Miyata.

    It's a FullPro Oval, so it's FM-1 ovalised like Columbus Max. I'm thinking it could be thin enough and small enough to work. However like your ask, I'd like to see some before/after success stories.

    Steel tubing is thin, but I'd expect the strength is much greater than say car body panels because of the tubular characteristics, and that makes me think paint will come off before the dent is pulled.

  • I have a frame integrity/safety question:
    A friend managed to bork the drive side rear drop out on his old 10spd falcon.

    The drop out was bent and also the 'jaws' (?!) of the dropout had opened up about 5mm. We've bent it more or less back in to shape in a very botchy fashion but I'm unsure as to how safe it now is. Should we be worried about the integrity of the steel, or is it fine? It's a stamped dropout fwiw.

  • Steel is a very forgive material unlike aluminium.
    It can be cold set quite happily.
    Many early mountain bikes forks would bend and a mechanic am would simply just bend then back quite regularly.
    Check for cracks or any other creases if there aren't any then my guess is that it's fine.

  • Thanks, that was my conclusion in the end. It seems fine, and should do him while he finds something else, anyway.

  • I have stripped my "Carrot" project and noticed quite a ding on the top tube, kind of midpoint. Thoughts on still being rideable and give a try to restore to its glory? I haven't noticed any issues riding it.

    Unknown steel.

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  • I'd ride it, it's just a dent.

  • So my njs rat was hit by an icecicle over the winter and the dent was too big to be acceptable aesthetically. I didn’t wanna wait for a proper clamping block to come in the mail and I don’t have any friends with hole saws or lathes SO: I used a 31.8-25.4 handlebar shim and a stem to clamp it out. Not bad, the dents are definitely reduced and I’ve saved a week and ¥2,000. You can see a little crease where the edge of the shim was but this is a rat so that’s fine.

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  • Found this on Facebook:

    Bicycle welding Expert
    Weybridge, England · over a week ago ·
    Expert TIG Welder can all alloys or Titanium cycle frames
    Quick turnaround
    Based in Chertsey Surrey

    Tel: 01932 640023

  • @rawmeat that’s a really good idea, I must remember that.

  • Hi folks,

    Any advice/thoughts on my dented ti frame - https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3237­87

    Ok to ride? Easy(ish) to fix?

  • Bent in transit by courier, 7005 alloy, worth trying to save?

  • I’d have the fear.

  • hmm fair, will let it go :(

  • Anything is worth a go, but it looks like quite a whack

  • I'm thinking of buying a frame off ebay, but the seller mentions a small puncture hole in the chain stay. They say it's been fine for them to ride it, and sent me this picture- you can just make out the hole about half way down to the left of the paint drip, in the large area of bare metal/rust. The frame is 853 I think. My instinct is it looks ok to ride it to me, but would like others more informed opinions.- What do people think? Much thanks....

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  • .

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  • If 853 that's going to be pretty thin-walled, no? I wouldn't be surprised to see further holes appear there. Unlikely to end in immediate fiery death maybe, but unless it's dirt cheap I don't think I'd bother.

  • Found this beautiful frame thrown out in a dumpster. It surely needs restoration, but I noticed it has a dent about on the middle of the downtube. It is about 1 cm in diameter, and it would seem the former owner has already tried to fix the dent with clamps.
    The tubes seem very thin-walled as the frame is very light. It has Columbus EL OS tubes. However I'm a light rider (65 kg) - should I worry about it?

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  • Is this weldable. It's an old Marin MTB frame, so Tange steel I think . Any recommendations for a welder in London, and would I be looking at just a weld or a replacement dropout?

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Frame Dents and Repair - Kinked, Dinged or Bent Top tube, Dent Down tube, etc

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