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  • I also noticed 'rosenkal' for brussel sprouts.

    Does the 'rosen-' bit imply your Danish sprouts are typically red?

    Rose is because of the shape, I think.

  • Thanks for the prompt replies.
    'Den Originale Remoulade': is this a bit mustardy, or some other flavour?

    Thanks again for the rose/red explanation.
    I asked, as in the last couple of Xmasses, red sprouts have been (routinely) available,
    albeit at a price premium, through Southern English supermarkets, sometimes still on the stalk.

  • As a Frenchman in Denmark I am dismissive of the local mayonnaise (without mustard in it it's not mayo) however I have fully embraced rémouleuh with chips.

    I'm not sure anyone makes their own cherry sauce. CSB but I used Fabbri amarena sauce for the Christmas rice pudding once and the in-laws loved it.

  • Fabbri amarena sauce

    Well, I had never heard of that before.

    I have a tin of black cherries in a light syrup to form the base of a homemade cherrysauce.

  • I meant the classic cherries in a jar, the local stuff isn't too different, the syrup is the sauce I guess.

  • Remoulade is basically mayonnaise with chopped pickles in it. Maybe pickled celery? I wouldn’t know that.
    You eat it with fish mostly.
    Rosenkål is so named from the sprouts resemblance of rose buds, i think.
    I don’t know a recipie for kirsebærsovs (/-sauce), we use a mixture of amarena cherries.

  • Rosenkål is so named from the sprouts resemblance of rose buds, i think.

    Same word in German--Rosenkohl.

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