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  • Anyone have any great tips for accommodation in Copenhagen that is not going to cost the earth (travelling mid June)...most of the usual cheap and choice options seem to be all booked up and beginning to scrabble

  • copenhagen's spensive! we stayed at the fox hotel which was kinda fun, but not super cheap.

  • I stayed here last summer, cheapest i could find at the time but is actually really good! very helpful staff and you can lock your bike up in the garden. from my experience i would highly reccommend it!

  • i stayed at a really cool hostel called Sleep-In Green. i think 'sleep-in' is what hostels there are generally referred to as. Copenhagen is beautiful. lots of attractive people too...

  • Depending on how long you plan to be there, maybe a holiday flat? We used this place a few years ago:

  • for all your advice...if anyone heads to Copenhagen i'd strongly recommend booking well before hand as it looks like there isn't exactly a glut of cheap accommodation.

    ended up going with the following place

  • sweet, there's a club nearby called Stengade 42 or something that was great when we were there. have fun.

  • Copenhagen is lovely...never been in a more bike friendly city in my life and it combines bicycles and women ever so well. track bikes arent thick on the ground (although they are about) but seemingly ever other form is. lots of Christiana bikes with kids in the front and other freight bikes plus lots of Dutch bikes with boys and girls elegantly riding along the cycle paths.

    made it up the coast to the Louisiana Gallery on our bikes which is worth a look for the beautiful space if you want a stretch of your legs. if youøre about on Sundays, Rub a Dub at Stengade 42 is worth a look.

  • I stayed here a ocuple of weeks ago:

    Was pretty reasonable. There were 3 lads and we got a triple room with communal bathroom for just over £20 each per night. Was decent enough.

  • Any must see stuff in Copenhagen? Only there briefly so probably spend most of the time in pubs, check out that statue, head over to Malmo for lunch, because The Bridge. Get stoned in Christiania. Anything else?

  • depends on what you like to see/do.
    I know the best places for classic art/architecture if that's your thing.
    There will also be an alleycat one of the next weekends.

  • With the missus and we tend to wander around doing something Earth beings refer to as 'looking' until we get bored or tired and then I insist we get on to the fun bit which is tasting local food and drinking local beers.

    Bike-free trip

  • for the best beers definately find one of the mikkeller bars! that's serious gourmet shit.
    pricey though.

  • I know, I've already sorted out the drinking part of this trip. I was looking for 'normal people' things.

    Start by the Little Mermaid and Kastellet and then walk south along the harbour. Take a bridge or ferry across to Christianshavn and wander along the canals. Lots of little cafés and bars. The walk along the old ramparts to Christiania, buy some lemon haze and a kebab and just explore that area. Sorted.

  • Go to Mother for brunch on Sunday - or Grod for porridge.

    A water taxi to the Opera House, to look around is pretty cool.
    The Copenhagen museum has an exhibition on about Kierkegaard which is very good

    I was there last weekend and had a great time.

  • Any good road routes near Copenhagen? I'm going to stay with a friend for a few days and would like to take my bike/hire one and catch some countryside miles.

  • Any must see stuff in Copenhagen? Only there briefly so probably spend most of the time in pubs, check out that statue, head over to Malmo for lunch, because The Bridge. Get stoned in Christiania. Anything else?

    The Little Mermaid is a complete and utter waste of time. Little is the operative word and it's usually covered with groping school kids.

  • Groping school kids? #yewtree

    It might be a waste of time but so are most tourist attractions aren't they? If there wasn't anything like that to take time out and see, I'd spend every holiday in a bar.

  • How was it?

  • Lovely. Two full days of nice weather, rained on the last but we were both knackered from all the walking we just sat about in a restaurant/cafe anyway so no biggie. Lovely to walk around, lots of nice architecture and art to look at and in the evenings I was going mad sampling beers at Mikkeller and Olsted bars among others. We took a side trip to Malmo to see The Bridge and have a poke about. Manage to walk into some kind of mental ice hockey or football march or protest or something. Not sure but they had some fucking big crackers they were letting off. Mental! Bit disappointing on the food front - we kept picking shit places to eat because we'd leave it too long, get starving and then run out of options. Still got to try a few of the local offerings which is the name of the game. Yeah, highly recommended for a weekend break.

  • Going there next month. Just enjoying some of the 1-star reviews for Christiania/Pusher St.

  • Ha, christania used to be amazing 10-12years ago. It still has its charms and still my all time favourite city to ride around drunk in. I really want an excuse to go back...

  • Christiania is still great, it's just Pusherstreet that's fucked.

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