Brake squeal

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  • My brake is very squeaky... do I just need to bed it in a bit (on the road 3 days) or do i need new pads. The ones I have do not allow for adjusting toe-in as they fit flush to the caliper. The brake I am running is a clamp on dia-comp.

  • Brake!

  • ^^^^^
    Is this reference to my title typo, or the fact i use a break? ha ha ha

  • try sanding the rims a bit to get a better braking surface. and/or toe in the pads.

  • use a 'brake' to stop.
    'break' a bone.

  • It is probably because the pads that are on that thing are wank- sorry!
    it is the same one I sold you?
    I put the original pads back on after stopping using it, maybe get a new set?
    I did and it quitened down a lot.

  • Use Nobrakes™

  • Point being, you can't toe-in these pads, they fit flush.

    Yes fella, they are the ones youy gave me with the brake, think the new pad option is best, will have a gander on wiggle.

    I'm gonna run a brake as
    A. only been fixed for 3 days
    B. can scare the shit outta folk if it keeps squealing!

  • If it persists after getting new pads, try just cleaning your rims with some bike cleaner if it still persists get some ethanol on those bad boys. Road gritty greasy oliy crap doesn't help. The reason pads squeal is because they are gripping and slipping at a very high speed casuign horrible vibrations i.e. SQEEEEKKK

  • aren't the rims fully coated???

  • fully sick?

  • I should have told you, sorry tom!
    The rest of the brake works well though, right?

  • file the leading edge on the brake block to get the desired toe -in

  • brake works great just the squeaky pads. Got some ethanol that I use on my mtb discs so might give the rim a wipe. Rim is machined, would it have a coating?

    Been like this since fitting, so it might be oils off my skin, not oil or grease on it though, and I washed the wheel last night to get the road scum off but still doing it today. I see how it progresses, cheers

  • Was going to contradict you windy but i had to log in giving me time to think.
    Which is the leading edge?
    My initial thought was that front most of the bike, and if so then it would be the trailing edge you needed to file some off of.
    But if it is that that the rim passes first as it continues its rotation then you are right.

  • yep, the part of the block where the wheel passes 1st.
    that's the leading edge in my dipsledexic eyes.

  • Any of you fine folk recommend a non-squeak brake pad for an annodised velocity rim? The noise is driving a friend nuts on his new build.

  • I'm getting squeal on my brakes. Pacenti rims, swisstop blue pads - just switched to a new set of pads to see if that would help (the new type with the grooves at the back of the pad). No joy. Only been happening recentlyish, and I'm not sure why. Happens when the rims and pads are clean as a whistle, or when they're grubby. LBS reckons it's just a problem with the blue compound of the pads, but seeing as I'd run them for 5000km without squeal it surely isn't that. Could it just be the hot weather? I do remember one or two loud squeals down long descents last year.

  • Alright, sorted it - switched my QRs from PlanetX fancy Ti/carbon external cam things to proper Shimano internal cam QRs. Squeal gone. Now terrified of how bad/loose the PlanetX ones must have been.

    Side effect of making my descending a million times better - just felt more secure all round. I now eat hairpins for breakfast.

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Brake squeal

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