• Hi, thanks for thinking of starting to play!

    To get involved check the last couple of pages of this thread to see where and when we are playing any given week.

    Hope to see you there.

    Where we play:
    Wednesdays: Baxter Road (map)
    Parks Patrol (if it's locked, or dogs on court): 020 7527 2000
    Anti Social Behaviour Number (alternative if there are dogs on court): 020 7527 7272
    Contacts to clean the court:
    Dave Bamford at Islington Council Parks Team.

    The number is in LPC here: http://www.lfgss.com/conversations/28016­1/

  • I'm down to play more for sure

    I also need to learn how to make mallets, maybe we could have a mallet session at some point?

    Are the balls just field hockey balls? I'll try and get some if so

  • JOL's court should be good, I walk past it every day when i'm walking my dog. I've never seen it in use...

  • Sounds good! And yea, street hockey balls.

  • I'm in. £15 will get a set of croquet mallets ...


    Not sure they'll last the distance but i'll order them if we've enough folk to give it a go.

  • Wood mallets are heavy and the shafts break easily. I went through a dozen of them before going the ski pole route.
    They were cheap broomstick handles though...

    Is there a difference between street hockey balls and field hockey balls?

    *yep, google shows they are indeed different. I suppose either would work.

  • i've played two games, lost one, won one, ive got an itchy polo hand. I assume you can make them outta golf clubs too? i'll keep my eye out for tubeing.

  • we have mallets in dalston and enough pipe to make another 12 or so...

  • Nice one! So do people like the idea of a floating game? Or should we set a day?

  • i'm in mike and wooden mallets RULE !!

  • Floating is good, count me in. I can even bring my own mallet.

  • Floating is good, count me in. I can even bring my own mallet.

    you got a spare...;)



  • Only if Emily will let you use hers.

  • We have enough mallets, now who has balls?

  • I'll find out where seb bought his from.

  • i'll pick up one for next week mike has, i'm sure, a few

  • yeah sounds good

  • the sports shop on stoke newington high street had loads of hockey balls at about £1.99 each.
    we have a few here...

  • when is that?

  • Cheers SBB

  • when is that?


  • I should a polo bike by the end of 2moro, so I'll be up for this - no mallet tho.

  • Lets play right now!

    (Just need to finish the bike.)

  • I don't understand why there is a debate about mallet at this point..? hasn't everyone been to Brick Lane Polo yet and seen what the standard is? Nothing against wood mallets but they are a bit dangerous for other users because of the weight.
    When is that northeast polo thing supposed to happen? Could it be good for the Saturday games (http://www.londonfgss.com/thread5640.htm­l) I suggested a while back?

  • I don't get this heavy wood mallet thing. If you make a mallet out of seasoned oak it will be heavy but if you make it out of pine it will be light. Different woods different properties just like any other material.

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NE London Bike Polo: Wednesdays: Mitchison Road N1 / Weekends:Hackney Downs E5

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