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  • Was going to take the cranks off this to put on the one I posted last week.. but that emelle BB aint going nowhere. So while I brace for digging round for some square taper cranks, I snapped a few pics of this before it devolves.
    Frameset picked up around Xmas, have done under 50 miles with this setup. lots of fun, very light, ride it like a BMX. Looking for removeable crossbrace cruiser bars if anyone has some. Pls forgive mismatched cable pull and loose mudguard. it works. PICs
    Cost £15 and a deep parts bin.

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  • Enter your text here...Uberthrifty build there - excellent value.
    Is that a coaster hub?

  • Cheers!
    rear is white industries eccentric hub.. had it on about a dozen builds so i figure its free now..?
    Today i rode this to work in Russian army surplus mittens, so this is staying as-is as my mitten bike.

  • @saarf according to the news and some search engines it seems lennert hut rode the mount ventoux three times in one day for charity on that bike. His linkedin is here: might be worth emailing him.
    Here is a pic of him on the bike:­d=615

  • @edscoble Am I totally bonkers thinking about doing a 1x10 setup on a gravel grinder / light tourer? I was thinking going 44t Narrow Wide in the front and a M771 11-36 mtb cassette in the back. Advise please.

  • Got this thought as well for my Croix de Fer. Got a 36/46 on the front and 12-32 on the back (ostensibly 11 speed but free hub is too narrow so dropped the 11 speed cog). For the riding I've done so far I haven't been out of the 36, but I think when I put some slicks on and take it on the road I'll use the 46. The thought of 1x10/11 scares me unless you're doing one type of riding only.
    Have said that, people tour on fixed so...

  • excellent detective skills there, Chapeau and thanks doubly Squire!

  • Have said that, people tour on fixed so...

    Tis true. I guess a few gears wouldn't hurt right?

    What hubs you got on the CdF?

  • It's a Novatec D772, which according to the Novatec site is 11 speed. It's not though. Are 11 speed MTB cassettes narrower? I think I may have read that it takes 11 speed MTB, but not road. That seemed weird to me as I didn't know there was a difference.

    I don't actually mind at the moment as ditching the 11t cog isn't going to affect me as I was unlikely to use it, so I'm just running a 10 speed cassette but with 11 speed spacing, if that makes sense.

    There are 11 speed freehubs available which I may look into if I decide to make it into more of a road steed, but for now I'm happy with my bodge.

  • FWIW I think 1x obviously makes sense for CX racing in mud, town bikes and offroad/freeride if you live somewhere flat.

    There's really are no advantages for touring, road riding or mtb over a double, and there are some disadvantages.

  • Stop posting pictures of nice Seta builds! I'm getting tempted to get one again!

  • Nah, not totally bonkers, but it work, if by light tourer you mean a very small pair of pannier or bikepacking, then that ratio work well for the majority of ride, you got a decent range from 109GI to 33GI.

    33GI is a little on a high side (28GI is usually idea), but as long you don't have any alpine climb to deal with, If you don't mind not being able to descent fast (panniers won't let you go more than 70km/h I notice), a 40t chainring would be apt.

    FWIW, my fixed tour is 65GI with bikepacking, was a little spinny on a long flat route with tailwind but acceptable for everything else.

  • Are 11 speed MTB cassettes narrower?

    Shimano new 11 speed MTB cassette can be fitted on 10 speed freehubs body due to the biggest sprocket overhanging on the carrier.

  • My track champ was thrown about and neglected a lot recently, it ended up missing 2 chain ring bolts, worn chain and many chips.

    Took everything apart, deep clean and re-grease, new chain (IZUMI super toughness in black), slammed stem, de-stickered wheels, blackened stem, replaced the chain ring bolts. Unfortunately the TA ones are non standard and they're made out of cheese so I only had one attempt. Had to drill one of the old bolts out too. The washers that came with the new bolts where a little big and protruded from he bolt too much so I grinded them down with a bench grinder :)

    Need to get a fork with less rake for a tighter clearance.

  • Those cranks looks really out of place on that build. Needs something more modern looking.

  • That'll be it then. I'm pretty sure novatec produce 11 speed freehubs which fit, I had just assumed it was one of those. Bloody marketing...

  • You should be able to get the 11spd freehub from eBay to fit your Novatec hubs.

  • buy my Andel's!­1/#comment12074833

    those cranks are no good for fixieskidding...

  • Yeah, there are plenty. As I said: I'm happy for now as the 11T wasn't getting used anyway. No idea why shimano don't do a 12-32 11 speed. Apart from for 1x11, the 11T seems superfluous on a cassette with a 32T. Although I suppose if it's billed as a 'climbing' cassette then it makes more sense. I'd just be happier with a better distribution in the mid range.

  • I am having a little dilemma here. Would silver wheels with gumwalls suit this:

    This is how it looked with silver parts and tubs:

    Little bit tired of black look, but it suits black forks and rear end soo good. What you guys think? I still have silver seatpost if that helps.

  • I'd go silver seatpost and stem plus black chainring. keep the wheels, they suit it.

  • i for one am hoping the 2014 trend for gumwalls might die a death in 2015
    all black looks nicer

  • Yeah, I love my 11 speed 11-28, it's exactly like my 10 speed 11-25 but with an extra 28t.

    I would love Shimano to release a 12-32 that'll deliver the same, it'd be like;

    12-32 = 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 19 / 21 / 23 / 25 / 28 / 32

    instead of;

    11-32 = 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 / 25 / 28 / 32

    I find the jump in the middle better.

  • I'd just be happier with a better distribution in the mid range.

    Perhaps a 12-30t or a smaller ring?

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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