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  • New Flites>>>>>>

  • I like and also looking for straight track Max fork

    My Max track Preuss on road.

    So rad

  • Ya not bad eh? #Datpowderblue

  • Not sure on the black stem/seatpost either, might swap out for silver equivalents #ocd

    Nah, keep them, get black cranks, I'll have the silver ones

  • so i've decided to go for wide-rimmage and ordered a23 in black.. one nmsw and one msw since i use a front brake.

    after i ordered i went googling and apparently nmsw is more durable because, not that surprising really, material is shaved off to create the machined sidewall.

    now the order has been postponed because they hadnt stock of the nmsw which gives me some time to rethink.

    a) stop bedwetting; msw will give better brake performance and look betterer in the longterm
    b) msw is well old-dads choice. get nmws, use softer pads and enjoy longer rim life and same rim colour. i can use the tenner spared to buy me the pads.

    answers on a postcar please. and if you concur with b) and have some experience with it, please give me a headsup which pads then to get.

    many thanks my fellow brethren in first world bike component choice stress

  • b) will give the posibility of shit looking rims though in the long while due to not evenly wearing rims. that would be my biggest objection indeed..

  • NMSW will still work fine, the machined part is usually an easy way to ensure that the braking surface is perfectly linear.

  • In the nicest possible way, it's just a commuter. Just fit what will do the job (which is either a23, machined or not, or any number of alternative rims) and away you go.

    Any brake pads which fit your shoes will be ok, Koolstop salmon are a good choice as unlike SwissStop Greens they're good at low speed and don't cost too much. They're good in the wet too.

  • I'm finding Koolstop stop me better than SwissStop, is it just me?


    I've just started building this throwing parts I had on another bike and I took a quick pic this morning. Thinking of getting another saddle for this. I find Arione pretty comfy but what other saddle would look okay on this frame? Chains and Crankset look quite ugly so they will go soon too.

  • I'm finding Koolstop stop me better than SwissStop, is it just me?

    I think Greens feel best when worked really hard. They were unbelievably good hurtling down a mountain – doesn't matter if it's a hot/dry or cold/wet day, they've got tonnes of feedback.

    Salmons have loads of bite on short, wet descents. I've been putting them on the winter bike the last few years and they're ideal.

    ^ all this is just my experience, some people swear by Greens for CX so they must be ok for slower stuff (where they don't get to heat up).

  • That echoes my experience as well, Salmons work really well on a short descent, Green couldn't stop me for shit.

  • Not sure i'd get a decent clamp with the inner tube. A bit of electrical tape might do the job?

    If you can get a piece of old inner tube under the jubilee clip it'll save your paintwork.

    Like this?

  • For the girlfriend as a do-it-all bike. Hope she likes it.

  • If she doesnt.. its just my size..

  • Rogan reported for inverse grooming.

  • If she doesnt.. its just my size..

    I'll let you know.

  • full Galli, headset shifter and hub less

  • Oh man... It's lovely !

  • /\

  • i like that gaston always curtiously waits for approval before he posts extra shots.
    or is in some genius internet marketing firm?!

  • Should have a white zip-tie rather than a black one holding the cables together. But fuck me, that's lovely.

  • CAAD10, second attempt. Better photos later.

  • ^^^^ Beautiful bike Gaston, had me a blue frame like that in 1980, my first fixed gear - I was an early puppy killer.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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