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  • Whatever you do don't lean.

  • How well do you think they'd cope with having the green Sharpied out?

    Not very - it's quite prominent.

  • I've sharpied Vittoria tyre logos before, it wears off when you corner.

  • What, the green band? It's not just a logo...

  • the sharpie wears off.

  • Oh.

  • I've sharpied Vittoria tyre logos before, it wears off when you corner.

    Whatever you do don't lean.


  • can someone reccomend a cheapo seatpost with more layback than Zoom/SystemEx?

  • Dug out a couple of 25c gp4000s for the Argos, I was wary of the puncture protection of the cheap michelins I had on it, having ridden the boardman pretty exclusively for the last month it feels amazing riding a bike with faster tyres...

    The chainset annoys me but I have to remind myself this is meant to be a less desirable to thieves bike that I can leave locked up without stressing... sugino messenger though, eugh.

  • What it does need is those TA 50.4bcd crankset, or the Velo Orange version.

  • just make sure to install the chainring correctly

  • Old campagnolo or shimano road cranks would look great on the Argos.

    Or even 1980's bmx race cranks which are very similar.

  • ^^ Frame does have potential.

  • Booo. This is CP not Porn. Be nice or be Shush.

  • No offense meant. Just constructive criticism.

  • It's a definite WIP

  • Tight chain but rad as love ! Fixed or single speed ?

    Thanks:) It's SS and the chain looks tighter than it really is, it has that perfect 1cm movement. Izumi btw

  • it's supposed to be an inch no?

  • you are supposed to be able to play a c# with the chain , nice and tight

    ping ping

  • I like tight.

  • My first alu frame. Just did a little spin around, quite like it. Very responsive.

    Will stick with this setup for few more days and will see.

    If I'm gonna like it, would like to get black Omniums (combo with black Zen which I already got), nicer forks, new rear wheel (probably DA hub).

    Need to find some ahead stem with negative degree, this way too high.

  • Not very - it's quite prominent.

    The green gets worn after 500k and ends up being pretty dull / hard to notice.

  • Nice one Dragunov. Eager to know how the frame rides. I almost got my hands on a Fort Aero frame for a tri-bike build, but ended up with PX Stealth instead. I'm very happy with what I have now, but would love to have tried that Fort frame as well.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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