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  • ^so much that, do want to get drops on mine at some point, also lukeyp, v1 fork forum group buy if you're interested?

    And indra the pendle is sick, and it does genuinely look like it fits you... #frameforlyf

  • Yea saw that, focussing on building up the Klein right now though man.

  • Beautiful scilly and looks a great ride!

  • Any stealthier and it could be used to bomb villages in the Hindu Kush......

  • It is a bit "ninja": only bought the frameset though.

    Should be this year's TT (time trial) bike, although the TT (top tube) might be a little too long.

    Got an Ultra Torque pista chainset and tentatively planning a four/trispoke combo...

  • that pendle looks great Indra

  • Indra that's so nice! It deserves a nice set of wheels but other than that is spot on. Somehow actually looks like it fits you too. Please don't break it!

  • Pendle looks quality, what does it replace ?

  • Converting a Shimano R500 to fixed with a SPNK "fixxer".

    They don't supply axles any more: will this be suitable or is it too "budget", resulting in facedeath?

  • Sorry to throw a damper on things but due to the inevitability of Snow in the forecast...

    its the ugly in the back

  • its the ugly in the back

    As opposed to the hideous in the front?

  • Ugly in the back looks quite interesting. Show us the fat!

  • assignment accepted...

  • Pendle looks quality, what does it replace ?


  • Ugly in the back looks quite interesting. Show us the fat!

    it's at 35psi but will take air out according to conditions...

  • looks like fun!

  • 100% fun, bit tight on the side though

  • flexion for the tire will be at the bottom so i hope it won't cause any handling issues

    worried about keeping the speed down though... might get carried away

  • Much nicer than the seta, u should make a project thread

  • This weekend I finished off rebuilding Cycliste's Enigma with the SRAM Red stuff she's collected (some off it off here). It used to have a triple crankset and a mixture of Ultegra 6603/6703 stuff. Now it's all SRAM Red except for the rear derailleur which is Force WiFli. Oh, and the pads have been changed for Swissstop greens.

    Next job is to sort out the horrific Scoblestack, at least by removing the spacers above the stem.

  • Whats her height if I may ask?

  • 5'1" and a tiny weeny bit.

  • Is that an Etape? These bikes are just lovely to ride all day. Keeping my eyes open for another if I can find a bargain ours frame in the right size. My custom is great but the price made my eyes water at the time - now outweighed by all the great rides we've had together.

  • building this gorgeous thing up for craciunptr

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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