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  • my latest build has gone with the big cog too, but only 53th, not quite as large as phaserguns. It's not finished yet, as I want the wheels relaced and the frame sprayed. Anyone got any ideas on a good colour, either black or deep red are what I was thinking. Apologies for the shitty webcam photo:

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  • at last the hattara is finished to rideability! more to change next month (saddle'n'post, bar tape/grips,straps) but for now i'll save cash for food..

    big thank yous to kowalski (cranks) and jim(wheels), and this forum generally for all info, plus brixton cycles (they're lovely..)
    still much more to learn.. loving it all :)

    Best bike I seen in ages. Nice Work

  • @bmx fred, l/h drive?

    t-shirts for curtains?

  • fuck, how did I not notice?! It's because i run LHD on my bmx i guess, and here's me wondering why the rear cog was coming loose on big pedals. Thank god i've only ridden it once haha, fuck i feel like such an idiot...time to get the tools out

  • i hope you're joking

  • I hope he's not. It's a classic

  • thanks lucas :D appreciate that

  • Ed, you need to get rid of the Brick Lane Bikes lettering off your BJ.

  • did scott sort his slo-pro when i was away?

  • not yet

  • hi tangle, there's a little sticker at the top of the seat tube,any idea what it states?

    one says made by TI Reynolds London 531 other says Ron Kit Grand Tourism

  • Sorry I didnt read all the other comments before posting. Thanks for the info. The dropouts look to be slightly forward facing vertical, but its a little hard to tell as the picture quality is real shitty and I cant get another photo as the guy selling the bike wont upload any more.

    Whats the deal with 27inch wheels? Being a noob to single speed I am still learning as I go.

  • Nice and clean ride dasmiller

  • ooh-aah tubular for the Trackbastard™

    Hub nipples FTW!

    look at that nonsense

  • this one is a big cog

    fuck yeah! sooo rad.

    those grips look fucking thick, like the ourys on ed's bob jackson drawing!

  • Gearie™ project underway...

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  • Sram gears were the reason I went ss/fixed

  • Pistanator is the reason I went straight.

    Here are some crap pics of my Peugeot for dmc + skully.
    Sorry for the weird angle - it is hanging on my wall!

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  • despite the funky angle, that's lovely :) how fluffy is your saddle!? :)

  • prav, you been holding out on me.

  • I meant to post this earlier.

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  • Amélie.. nice

  • prav, you been holding out on me.

    I offered you the bars mumble!

  • don't like 'em

  • Amélie.. nice
    Can't wait to get here finished (which is unfortunate as it'll take a couple more months to earn the money I need to do it properly).

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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