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  • Edit: Just read the full story. Start from £115 at TFG. Sweet. Might have to treat myself soon(ish).

  • ......Plus I've head more stories of the tools and cups breaking on Royce than Phil...

    Now that is just pure marketing!

    As for discounts - I asked and didn't get... this time. Altho previously I've got a small discount from Jan on something. I always belive in asking for a discount.

    If you don't ask you never get. But you can't complain if someone won't give you one. Esp. when you can now go to 14.

  • I was just guesstamating on the price, sjs do one for £130, i "felt up" the best royce bb in tokyo fixed gear last week, it has the titanium axle and a carbon shell. Fucking awesome bb, worth going into tokyo fixed just to see the royce bb. Ask at the counter downstairs and they should show it to you.

  • I was under the impression Royce BBs were alot more than £130 alla:­ails.asp?productid=00541

    £127 for the BB + £24 for lock rings + £30 for Ti bolts on the Royce site

  • £127 for the BB + £24 for lock rings + £30 for Ti bolts on the Royce site

    and worth every penny....

  • I just love the fucking crank bolts:


  • Ha. Jan told me about that.
    I loled.
    "Its the last pair, can I have it for cheap?" Id of probably laughed in your face. Thats the complete opposite of supply and demand Fred.

    Ask for a discount and you'll never get it. Don't ask and you'll probably get it. Thats the way I've always done it where-ever I've worked. People asking for a discount deserve nothing. I'm sorry. Its a real pet hate.

    Plus you managed to pick the buisiest most understaffed, vodka fuelled day whilst I was on lunch :)

    Wuv you really though.

    yea i was looking for you, but he said 20 minutes. i was there for about 15 before i got bored of looking around and hearing people ask for deep vs and aerospokes.

    come one whats a 5er off, especially if you you sell 20 a day. anyway it was worth a try. but the guy who i was speaking to was very helpful. and everything went very well, and jan was ok, mentioning my russian bride cant remember what he said about it

  • i didn't say for cheap anyway i said will you do them for £40. shoulda gone for hold fast

  • Sorry slight drift...

    ...but seat collars /seatpost clamps are sized by the measurement of the outside dia of the seattube, right?

  • seat collars /seatpost clamps are sized by the measurement of the outside dia of the seattube, right?


  • Porn!

  • @ MT - Cheers.

  • Was offered this today will replace my Claud Butler :)

    As it was resprayed and badged up "no name" by Cyclone Cycles, last owner doesn't know what frame it was originally... wondering if the nice lugs / serial number could offer any clues?

    looks lovely... if you feel the need to pass it on send me a pm!

  • I asked for a discount in BLB and got it . . .meant i was only paying 10% over what everywhere else sells shit for rather than the usual 20%.

    Always ask for a discount, if you dont try how you ever gonna know?

  • if you dont try how you ever gonna know?


  • sometimes easier said then done though

  • +1

    You say that.....
    I was in BLB at lunch today, just after a few bits for me stem, not much Dorra.
    I was short of some loose change, so she kindly rounded it of to the only fiver I had:)
    and insistant!!!
    As I say, not much but point is.
    I didn't ask. Thank kind lady of BLB :)

  • do you need a special tool to fit remove royce BB's?

    purchased a frame last year for £50 when it turned up I noticed it had one fitted, no mention of it in the ad only that a bb was included, that was a nice surprise!

  • Max, you did it mate : D

  • everytime is see that pic i think "damn those wheels are small"

  • slackchain!

  • impossible to find a BB to run with DA cranks (108mm ISO).

    Which version of DAs is that? I was under the impression they were 109mm.
    Only asking as I have a pair of 7600s and a Hatta 109mm BB that I'm sticking on my current build.

  • Started with this drawing from my dimensions sent to XACD in China:

    Major panic when this arrived this morning:

    but fortunately it was packed well enough that all was fine:

    mmm ... Ti!!

    Really annoyingly I had to spend the day at work, but as soon as I got home everything was stripped off the Le Mond, and a few hours and much swearing later:

    I'll cut the steerer once I've ridden it a bit to see what height I want.

    It's now 1.30 am so I've only ridden up the road....tomorrow'll tell me what she's like!

  • steves thats frickin awesome you designed your own ti frame! how much did the manufacturing + postage cost?

  • Got some different Nitto bars and a Miche seatpost off of

    I have no idea what model the bars are. The closest ones I've seen to these are the Nitto RB-009, but they're slightly different. They are bullhorns though, because they're drilled for brake. They kinda look like Cinelli Criterium drops (or a track drop with more flat on the top), flipped with a few inches chopped off the end. They have more hand room on either side of the stem than the Nitto RB-021’s I had on there previously.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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