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  • She’s almost 13, she tells us that in her prime!

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  • I’m planning on putting together a CAAD. I’ve got a hydraulic R8000 group and a CAAD13 frame on its way. I’ve read lots about the 13 and there are mixed views on performance and aesthetic. I am willing to take the punt on performance (I’ve only got time for a couple of rides a week) but I definitely don’t like the new paint job. It’s pretty boring. So my idea is to give a classic look to the modern frame.

    I’ve always loved the look of the caad7 optimo saeco, so I’m think ‘apple candy’ frame with original white decals (black keyline, no saeco references) and black forks. This would look good with R8000. Or would it?

    Not wanting to make a decision based on consensus, but is this a naff idea?

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  • It's a great idea

  • No amount of paint will overcome the fact that Cannondale changed from being a bicycle manufacturer to a set of decals stuck on imported frames by a bunch of financiers

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  • The 13 looks like my attempts a plastic welding

  • Oof that's nasty

  • Forks not working on the pompino for me. Ordered some 853 ones from sjs. 383mm A2C and 46 offset.­orn-mer853vc-steel-fork-gunmetal-46mm-se­cond/

  • Averaging 1x task per month on @cake 's old Pinarello.

    Since my last update, I trued a wheelset & fitted tyres to it. This then allowed me to put the bike on the floor and remove the ITA BB cups.

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  • A Pelago Rasket shows up on local eBay and I couldn't resist. Barely used and half the price of a new one.
    Initial impressions are good. Very sturdy compared to my previous experience with Wald baskets. Might be the black version would suit the bike better visually.

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  • Bear Valley SE w/basket crew!

  • Silver looks good imo. Raskets are brilliant bits of kit!

  • Turns out converting DDR frame to normal forks super easy. Just buy the worst/cheapest Headset with a flat top cap and use everything but the cups. Keep the normal ddr ones. I suspect these old Diamant’s modernized make good street frames. Decent clearance too.

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  • Tinkering with the dadbike, still going strong after 5 years. DTH 2.3's are a tight fit but the new Berthoud fenders are sturdy, so little rubbing.

    Still have to mount the rear rack and seat again but I do like this look.

  • Didn't notice the ingrid crankset at first.. strong flex.
    I'd rather see a Pelago Rasket on there, but this pretty close to peak FBNPNA for me.

  • It's actually an ingrid lookalike from aliexpress, with different branding. Wouldn't have gotten it if it were a direct copy. Front rack I agree on, a Pelago would look better but this steco one is bulletproof and can handle a lot of weight.

    The rear rack that will go on this is a Pelago utility rack.

  • I was imagining your kid balancing on the steps whilst holding onto your sholders, but then you mentioned the rear seat 🤸

  • Well the kids have pegs on their bmx so I might give it a shot if they're up for it :D

  • Love it! I recommend getting a steering stabiliser/spring thingy for the front. Makes parking a lot less annoying.

  • Details in that crankset?

  • Zeroing.
    Have them on my watchlist, they also do combos with directmount rings.
    What is your verdict @Carabo?

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  • Theyre the same ones as @Rodolfo just posted­27935168.html

    They look wel finished and nicely machined. You'll have to use spacers on a 68mm BB shell though, for which they provide plastic spacers to be put between the cups and the frame. Will be replacing those with alu ones quickly. Haven't put a lot of km's on them yet so don't know about durability. Chainring is a J&L one from eBay.

  • I’ve slowly been putting this together - I still need to cut the steerer and 100% sort positioning but it’s pretty much there for now:
    Look 785 Huez RS with accidental upside down decals on seat tube - too much Pernod at lunchtime in the Look factory with Super Record 11 speed EPS, Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 wheels and Deda Super Leggera finishing kit

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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