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  • That looks like a lot of fun!
    Those 4-pot maguras are real nice imo. Plenty of power on our cargo bike.

  • That looks like a lot of fun!
    Those 4-pot maguras are real nice imo. Plenty of power on our cargo bike.

    Picture posted for the new page

  • @n3il was this the kaffenback you picked up from me?

    Very cool! looks better now its painted!

  • Lovely color. Have you tried adjusting your seat angle? It looks fairly steep. It might be pushing you forward hence urge for longer stem?

  • Not to want to pee on the bonfire, but the a-c of the fork looks a bit off? Or is it the photo angle?
    P.S.: I took delivery of the satellites from the same forumenger, still in the works but very pwetty

  • Yeah, these forks definitely have a longer a-c than the originals would have done! Will see how I get on with it.

  • Yep! nice bit of JCB yellow.

  • Kind of makes me wish I would have kept it!!

    If you fancy a ride sometime soon or have any good routes to share let me know!

  • Started mountain biking recently and got the bug instantly!

    Picked up this 26inch Mtb locally and I’m loving it. Anybody else still riding 26inch? Or has everyone moved to larger wheeled machines?

    Also this is first bike with fancy brakes (hydro disk) , I’m very much looking forward to its first service in a week or two.

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  • I still have a 26” jump / pump track bike, but my others are 27.5. Haven’t tried 29” yet, but unless you’re racing xc or dh I don’t see the need to go that big (personally).

    Looks like a fun first ride, great to hear you’re enjoying it! It’s a bit of a revelation when you get off road away from the cars.

  • Anybody else still riding 26inch?

    I am, because I'm also a poor man. I have the height and ride profile to go 29er, but not the money to replace a perfectly functional 26" bike. As the Turkish mustelid says, if you're not racing the difference is immaterial, the only slight drawback with 26" at the moment is that if you ever want to upgrade wheels and tyres the choices are rather restricted.

  • It always is so you can keep both of those brake tracks either absent or fresh and clean.
    Also, stoppage powah (in theory)

  • Can someone ID this crank/chainring…

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  • Deckas - chinese/AliX brand.
    No idea what the model is though sorry. Hard to find catalogue for this one

  • What timmah! said. You can get them on eBay too. Can’t see them with a quick search but I expect they’re on there somewhere.

  • I gave 29” a go but the bikes felt huge! Hard to force around berms and things.

    Yes the not have cars to worry about is a big one! Although almost had a run in with a digger extending tracks last week!

  • Yes I did notice the selection of tires to be a bit limited but I got a pair of road tires and maxis dominions when buying so I’m set for the relative future!

    Wheels I don’t think I’ll every upgrade, Mtb is heavy but have a 9x3 so granny gear uphill and extra weight is fun for downhill.

  • Look at what just fell on my lap.... Free bike... Gonna have to see if the frame is not cracked or something like that... But just from holding the bike it's not heavy! I was impressed cause the frame is huge!!

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  • That could be a fun project!

  • Foco rain bike update 8,420kg

  • R708 9X1

  • Nice colors. Which Reynolds tubes are those??

  • Reynolds 708 Speciale Section
    708 came in standard tube sizes, not oversize which has taken over the market. The tubes are thicker than the more common 531 but not quite as thick as the 531 Super Tourist tubeset. The main feature of the 708 tubeset is the addition of full length longitudinal ribs inside the tubes - similar to Columbus TSX only the ribs are not spiral.

    "A receint development from Reynolds, the name describes the purpose.
    The main tubes of this set have a new and ingenious inernal profile.
    The profile is designed to maximise lateral stiffness and strength in the direction of the known loadings, which result from the punishing road surfaces and the extreme rider applied deflection loadings experienced on the brutial classic racing courses."

  • Interesting, thanks for sharing:)

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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