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  • +1 looks sweet imo

  • with the aid of lots of random bolts and spacers i had in my parts box i managed to put two racks on the stupidest bike i could put two racks on, and go fishing on it

    i have yet to find if the rear rack can take any real weight as i haven't caught shit

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  • also i changed the wheels and contact points on my road bike because i broke everything

    everything on the internet said that ritchey neoclassics don't really work with sram shifters, but i bought some anyway, and it turns out they don't really work with sram shifters
    going to give them a try for a bit tho

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  • Nice! I like the stem on this

  • The stem is my favorite part
    Don't know what it is tho

  • Just finished putting together this 1990 Giant Cadex 980 C.

    Thanks to @TTM who had gave me loads of like bike sundries including that nifty little Jagwire cable holder clip thingy!

    The bar tape was NOS but didn't like being kept in the attic with the 40+ degrees heat so will need to be replaced.

    The FD mechanism has play in it and will need replacing. I am surprised there aren't many braze on options around!

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  • waiting for @Hulsroy absolution before the bartape ...

    rides quite good on our tame and sandy singletracks.

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  • Looks good to me

  • thank you!

  • I’ve gone through many a fyxation flat pedal with Velcro straps and the last two pairs of Velcro straps I’ve purchased have loosened greatly at the buckle (idk what you call the metal piece). They end up looking like this. The retention is there. This wasn’t the case years ago. I would rip a strap after a long time of use. This is only after a handful of rides. What strap recommendations do you have?

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  • I'd ask for a refund on those...

    Loads in Manchester use the straps this guy makes and seem to love them

  • I like these

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  • Looks mean!
    Don't know what you mean with the "don't work" though.. Transition? Cabling?
    I have them on my Genesis CdA with SRAM and didn't notice anything odd.

  • You have to mount them high up to get a good position and it makes them flare outwards a lot

    It's not bothering me so far but ideally I would have them higher (and bars down a bit) and then it would bother me, and I guess how much flare I've got is too much for some people

    Also it makes it look not rad from the front🙃

  • this is an sram mechanical fact :) lever paddles flare out, but when you switch back to shimano yo uwonder with lever are so "aligned"

  • Love the bike, also love the thought of you being into fishing hahaha

  • Done the flat bar conversion started here:­

    Needs a new chain and the a rear light added. Also need to flatten the rear rack, but it rides quite nicely. Would like new tyres too but I'll have to wear these out first (Should only take 10 years or so)

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  • I want a literally unrideable sticker.

  • what bag if you don't mind me asking? Assuming that's a pelago medium commuter front rack?

  • Pelago large I think. Bag is ILE porteur rack bag (also large, I think)

    Has taken me a couple goes to get used to attaching it. Bit more faff than a basket bag (because you can't just drop it in) but very capacious and has expansion straps etc for carrying big loads.

    Wondering if I can do anything to make the quick release buckles less tight, they're really tough to engage right now.

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  • Cheers for that @Belagerent

  • I emailed fyxation that day and still haven’t heard back. I’ll go to my lbs next week

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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