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  • new cranks. 42x17 for tracklocross

  • can anyone recomend a sus fork with a straight 1.1/8 steerer? it would go on an older surly km. thank you

  • Ages since my last (bike related) visit to this site (been more active in the "LFGSS Art Club" thread actually...) but today I finally finished one of my paused projects. A 1993 Scott AFD 901 to match my 1993 Scott Pro Racing mountainbike.

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  • Threw on some cheap wheels and the black omniums/aarn to see how the black and yellow might work.
    Gonna be building a nicer wheelset and changing the silver bits to black once that's done

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  • to see how the black and yellow might work.

    Works OK, apparently

  • Tanwalls look great on it.

  • Edit: wrong thread...

  • Bit of an odd one …

    I’ve bought a second hand bike off of someone. I do have name, address contact info etc - it’s a clean bike.

    It’s got a bike register number on it -I’ve looked it up its showing as all clear. What’s the best way of getting it registered in my name? Would I need to contact him as I’m assuming I couldn’t just re register it under my name.

    It is possible to remove the ID number from the frame but I would like to avoid this.

  • Newish bike

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  • Just finished this parts bin Rockhopper.

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  • Having sold a bike that was previously registered to me on bike registered - yeah, you need to get them to transfer it to your name / contact details. It’s painless, takes less than five minutes, you should drop them a line to get them to switch it.

  • New project coming soon.

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  • current road bike

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  • Banging, but please tape it. Not with fizik though 🙏

  • Does anyone other than halo still make 26 Inch Rim brake rims?

  • Thanks for confirming, I’m glad it won’t take too long on their end as it was only a £50 bike ha !

  • I like your parts bin Rockhopper a lot

  • Looking good! Bit of a déja-vu here - my house mate has the same frame:

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  • 26 Inch Rim brake rims?

    DT 535
    Ryde Andra30/Andra40/Zac2000/Zac19/Big Bull
    Alex DM18/DH19/EN24/DC19
    Rodi 10 different designs in 559/rim brake

  • Thanks!
    A few sizes too small for me unfortunately, sold it a few days ago and the new owner seems happy with it!

  • Wow. Haven't browsed this thread, or basically any bike thread for 1-2 years.
    A major lusting for a track bike like it's back to 2010 has appeared out of nowhere.
    It's like i've gone full circle. So happy to have some stoke for bikes back.

  • So this came in the mail the other day, and now I only need a headset and should be able to build it with the parts from my other bike.

    I'm after a '90s Campagnolo Chorus headset that originally came with the frame, but has been removed at some point. I would hate to cut the steerer and put a shorter stack headset, so one of those tall Campagnolo ones should do the trick.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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