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  • finally got this thing on the road, rather pleased with the result

  • Building a new #gravel bike since now almost two years, when it is finished I do not want it probably anymore like the way it is planned, let's see – so since it takes so much time (which is actually great regarding nice parts), I am exchanging parts without even using them, coming closer to a doctors bike without being a doctor nor a doctors salary. So I changed now the axle on the Chris King hub from standard Shimano freewheel body (why am I even doing this) to XDR, and found out that the hub I have bought used, is a Chris King gen 1 hub, but the attached axle adjusting clamp is a gen 2 version and too big, and was even mounted like that. I don't know why/how the previous owner changed/used this hub, but I ordered now a gen 1 adjusting clamp. Good is, that CK exchange parts can A) be ordered and B) are in stock. Not good is the price, £35 for an axle adjusting clamp without shipping.

  • Well I’ve done it, I’ve had it since before I got the bike. It was the first thing I had to change on a new bike for someone (James) when their bike arrived at the shop. So I kept it as no one wanted it. A year latter and I got the same bike. But shock horror they no longer fitted it. It’s taken about 5 years, but today I changed it over and at the same time I fitted my smart chain breaker. I’ve only had that 4 years so…
    Anyway I like it matchy matchy and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, especially you James.

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  • Very cool!
    That saddle fits the bike perfectly!

  • Thanks, I've not really updated my saddle tastes during this century and was hoping I'd get away with a 90's saddle on a relatively modern-looking bike....

  • A pile of random bits left over from projects or purchased for abandoned builds this morning, out for a spin tonight.

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  • Something new. Mish mash of parts to get it rolling

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  • Awesome, such a cool frameset

  • 2013 Cinelli Vigorelli, my pride & joy!

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  • Majorly upgrades to the workhorse to around 8kg (with room for improvement)

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  • Such bling. Wonder how that rides. Is it a 1" steerer?

  • Incredible

  • Only taken it on a quick 10 min spin but first impressions are that it’s very stiff. Yep 1”, need to look out for a silver stem.

  • Ended up with this Specialized Rockhopper frame for almost no money. Came with the original 1" fork so it should be an early model. Seems in good condition, obviously some signs of use but no dings and the bottom bracket threads are crisp.

    It will most likely will end up as a "single speed with plush tires" kind of build.

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  • Nice.
    Years ago I had one quite similar. Mine was a ‘91 comp model and had short horizontal dropouts and 1” quill- I reckon yours is 1990 or 91

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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