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  • Picked this up for next to nothing, which is great as it was sold as having been ridden twice and on inspection it’s a highly plausible claim.

    Carbon seatpost and bars are already waiting to be fitted in the garage, after that I’m on the lookout for a deal on some nice wheels, replace those disgusting FSA cranks, change of saddle, chop the steerer and then it’s good to go.

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  • new rim brake climber assembled

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  • cheeky yellow stem - rad bike

  • thanks, palimpsestuous stem from my previous yellow caad build...
    gearing is a bit tough at the moment, 52/38 with 11-25

  • palimpsestuous

    How have I known about palimpsest for 50 years without ever seeing the adjectival form?

  • Not heavy I presume?

  • Lacking a device to weigh it but not very heavy. with those wheels under 1.5, those cranks and rings, it is decent. Not 6kg territory but maybe 6.9 ? I should check..

  • Due to a recent hand/wrist injury I don't I'm gonna be able to ride drops/hoods anytime soon so this got a flat bar conversion today. Just need to cut the steerer next.

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  • If I had to guess I'd say under that. If the frame is slr01 that is, but looks the part. I really dig it, hope it brings you joy riding it.

  • Yes it is the slr01, tour winning Cadel Evans era. Deliciously entering vintage territory.
    At the moment running a gxp adapter with some creaking but if i get that fixed it will be perfecr

  • Less natural position than on the hoods and at about the same height - is that really going to help?

  • It's more the inability to use the back brake from the hood due to not having the strength in the hand to grip/squeeze tightly, was also struggling a lot to shift to the bigger ring.

  • also struggling a lot to shift to the bigger ring

    Yuh I get that, I eventually dumped the big ring.
    And all but one of the smaller cogs at the back : )

  • Cheers mate
    Looks really good

  • Gone full Omafiets on the Ryffranck.
    some of us are looking at the stars

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  • Couple of little tweeks to my Cotic. Didn't get on with flats so switched to clipless, also threw on a pizza rack and a custom bag from @user71349 (really happy with the bag, thank you!) - just need to cut the steerer, although I'm not sure I'll keep these forks so maybe I'll hold fire.

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  • Love it!!

    Id keep the orange forks...I like an opposite frame and fork colour!

  • They're aluminium though (I think so anyway, I can't stick a magnet to them) so not a particularly nice ride! Might keep an eye out for something nicer in steel. I do like the contrast of the orange but this is my lock up bike so would maybe paint them something less eye catching if I do end up keeping them.

  • Well I have a set of Surly Midnight special forks if you are interested.

  • I was considering those, they're not my favourite forks aesthetically but the price seems very reasonable and they tick all the boxes. I've got a really expensive month coming up so can't really spaff any more on non-essential bike parts but if they happen to still be around in a few weeks time I might well take you up on the offer!

  • Sold my allez track, because it was not my cup of tea and bought a viper frameset, had a vision and needed to build it, gonna change the stem to a zipp sl speed 120mm and its done

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  • Look have demonstrated how to do a neat ISP, all anybody else has to do is copy it.

  • This is super rad <3

  • Rebuilt my girlfriends LA Cycles/Lee Cooper 650c single speed for the summer but as she's enjoying the Condor so much the purple one will be going up for sale soon.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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