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  • Really good! Glad to see you're still riding this thing.

  • So the Supah Sex is (mostly) finished, and I got a flat on the first ride :(

    Gonna need to sell it however to finance the incoming Hot Tubes.

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  • After much umming and aaahing, pulled the trigger on some exotic carbon forks for the Rock Lobster, as it's mainyl used for commuting at the moment. I'm itching to continue the upgrades but unsure of what the best next step.

    Tempted by some Vittora Booze Light 2.3 tyres, slightly lighter than the current DTH and i think also more supple. Either that or some Schwalbe Billy Bonkers.

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  • Good luck finding Booze Lights. I think @t0-ster has bought most of the remaining stock.

    Continental Contact urban are very nice alternatives and come in 2.4” I believe - or Michelins Pilot Pump

  • That looks really nice.

    Just a thought, how come you didn't get suspension corrected forks? The bb seems pretty low now?

  • Ah bummer, sounds like they really are that popular then?

    The schwalbe Billy bonkers look really nice, I'm just concerned they won't be quite as fast on the flats as they're not slicks.

  • Thanks mate, I think the forks are suspension corrected for 110mm sus forks.
    They are about as long as my suspension forks are when I'm pedalling, ie. compressed slightly, and I haven't noticed any massive change in truth be told.

  • then that is a fantastic result!!

  • Would you have more details on the forks? This seems really nice and I’m looking for something similar

  • Finally put my track bike back together after crashing. Looking forward to getting back to training and racing. :)

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  • I think the main issue is that Vitoria has stopped making them - after they acquired the GEAX brand.

    Billy Bonkers are probably quite nice. I’ve only ridden the Tables Tops (previous model) and they were too puncture prone for mi taste.

  • Found a Alu rockhopper in the woods - did some things - linseed oil stem - dunno what’s next - single speed bomber, 1 x backpacker / 3 x basket bike.

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  • In the woods!! Amazing.

  • Innit - took it to the cops - they said they didn’t want it 🤗

  • should have left it there

  • Because it’s ugly or because it was irresponsible to take it ? It was there for at least a week - it was dumped and rusting - the stem was yanked out. Could well have been nicked but the cops were not interested in taking it and no reports of it stolen. I feel like cleaning up the local area, saving metal from landfill , clearing out my parts bin and riding this instead of driving a car to collect pastries is fair enough.

  • because cantis suck

  • ill leave you in the woods.

  • cantis suck

    But V-brakes are fine and fit on the same posts 🤷

  • Well now… I thought so too but modern shimano v’s both deore and the cheaper ones don’t fit always - I had this issue with a 93 Marin and again here. They won’t slide on far enough to seat proper. Tektro / pro max and Clark’s fit no bother 🤷🏻♂️

  • Those tyres. It's a no from me dawg.

  • Sorry mate, didn't mean to miss this. They're suspension corrected for a 26" wheel, 100/110mm suspension fork. I think the logic is, when you're cycling on normally on a suspension fork, it's slightly compressed, so these carbon forks are the same length as a slightly compressed suspension fork. That's my understanding

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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