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  • I'd like that, time for me to re-build a rim bike ans get roasted on hhsrb

  • I’m running a compact so you’ll get no grief from me

  • Saw this paint job on insta a while ago, by a country mile the best pint job I’ve ever seen on a bike. Nice work, don’t ever sell, just hang it on a wall.

  • Cheers, closes laptop and sulks away

  • Yep. Matte & gloss black combo irks me a bit tho

    I thought there was some gloss detailing on the post that matched the stem finish? I'm trying to find a not too spendy 31.6 seatpost that'll match a gloss S-works stem i have but no luck so far.

  • The logo is gloss so suppose there’s a bit of a match there. Saddle is a different gloss finish and the bars are two different matte black tones so I’m giving up on making it matchy. Did buy some tune cages for it but ended up putting them on the gravel bike

  • Cheers. It won’t be getting sold until my crashed Rock Lobster is repaired but so far I haven’t managed to put it in the post to Paul (it’s been a year +)

  • amazing. so so so good

  • Hey guys

    Does anybody from the top of their head know whether old (LX 563 and 567) freehubs are the same for 7 and 8 speed or whether i need a different one for 8 speed?

    Many thanks

  • 563 is 3 speed, 567 is 8 speed, they should be different.

  • I do, they’ve got a short steerer though.

    Unfortunately the stem worked out a bit short so have swapped things around for HOTNB. 40 mile pub ride need to be comfortable.

    I’ve committed a terrible sin.

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  • When 7 moved to 8 it changed. 8/9/10/11/12 (HG MTB) is all the same.

  • Many thanks!

    Thats what i feared 👹

  • This Salsa El Mariachi from this forum has been my project over the winther. Bought as complete bike, but only the stem, chainset and brakes remain. 🤥😆
    End up costing more than anticipated, but that’s in the past now and I’m so happy with the result.
    Will get Salsa stem-like decals when my mate has time to do them.

    More pictures here:­52

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  • Thanks for the insight & comments @Rik_Van_Looy !
    I'll for sure hit up the other thread you recommend - got to get this puzzle solved! haha

  • That looks great!

  • A terrible photo of a road build. 631 Reynolds Ribble, 1" carbon fork and Threadless stem/headset..

    It doesn't weigh that much, though it's going to be a parts bin build so let's see what it weighs after!

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  • that stem ..

  • Will go to the grave with me

  • Rattle canned and flat barred (dodgy wrist/back/age) my Space Chicken (hated the red and orange). Job now is to find flat mount calipers with flat bar levers. Can't get post mount and adapter in the frame. Internet says you can pretty much mix and match shimano bits but not entirely convinced, answers on a postcard

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  • Even better than I remember.

  • First ride since a while, still great

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  • 🙂

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  • Very classy. Rival cranks are so underrated

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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