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  • A good clean, Zefal Gizmo mount for a bottle and you're good to go.

  • forgot to mention there is quite some play on the bb, both wheels and headset. but nothing we can't do

  • Suggestions for what to do with my bob jackson? I've had it set up for track racing, road/fixed but have been binging ultraromance's instagram so got the feeling it wants lots of nitto/simworks, wide gravel drops or upright bars and, as wide tyres as I can get on it. Oh, and lots of bike luggage.
    Inspo pics welcome 😜

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  • 650b fixed / coaster brake (with a long reach front brake) could work

  • Glad you picked that up! Great find.

  • 650b fixed gear with long reach front brake and some comfy bars with lots of backsweep

  • ;) I think you're right

  • A good clean, Zefal Gizmo mount for a bottle and you're good to go

    Just buy more than one Gizmo kit as the side-entry zip ties tend to fail when the bracket is tightened up and only 2 spares are provided in a packet, e.g.,

  • Can anyone recommend a brand of Dremel which would be ideal for cycling repairs etc.
    I need to drill out a corroded screw head x 2 and think i need a 2mm drill for the task. I'm a bit confused as to what I should spend or really need. Thanks to all.

  • Can anyone recommend a brand of Dremel

    Yes, Dremel®

  • Buy for the long term, get the best one you could afford if you made twice what you do now.

  • Any advice for cutting carbon fibre? I want to trim some dropped bars to make bullhorns. Got a hacksaw with an ordinary blade, and a very small vice. I've read this­ay-cutting-carbon.html and don't want to bother with getting a fine tooth blade. I thought I might put gaffer tape on the handlebars first, and cut through it to reduce splintering.

    N.B. I'm not buying ready made bullhorns because my bars are somewhat unique. They have TT extensions which slot into sleeves on the bars. No heavy bracketry. I am a weight weenie. These bars are the ones.

  • Any advice for cutting carbon fibre?

    Get a carbide abrasive blade (e.g. Draper 19328, Bahco 3816) and don't breathe the dust

  • Definitely tape, definitely mask, and capture the dust to dispose of. Tape makes it easier to mark the cut point too.

  • Happy to say it's now done. Little bit of re-indexing to sort following a test ride today, but it rode smoothly and should be up to the rigours of all seasons.

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  • Nicely done, looks great.

  • Releasing my inner @Maj:

  • Spent the last few weeks putting this flat bar road bike together for my wife to replace her stolen Brompton. Was intended to be a bit of a rat to deter theft, but doesn't seem to have panned out that way so I guess I will be leaving some strategically placed D locks outside her work for her days in the office...

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  • This is so cool - glad you got it!

  • Actually, sold the frame separately and almost all the components as well. Had no time for it, got a pretty good profit too

  • Where the stickers thoooooo

    Looks good

  • Happy with my latest purchase. Threw on a different saddle and some bullhorns and took it for a quick spin.
    Would make a nice commuter, it has enough clearance for 28mm tyres and guards

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  • Nice! Did you pick that up from Marktplaats?

    Bullhorns... old school!

  • I did! It is exactly my size and was pretty cheap. It's in excellent condition, basically new and unused with only a few damages from storage...

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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