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  • parts bin build

  • Be the Florida Woman you want to see in the world!

    Having a grand time finding substitutions for unobtainable covid parts for this bike. VO Voyager rims are completely out, so A23? Narrower width is a bummer. Surly rear hub may be special orderable, otherwise VO Grand Cru with some spacers to make 130mm. Sounds a bit janky (appropriate).

  • @arkane_wheelworks on instagram has some excellent 21-20mm internal silver rims with machined tracks, non tubeless however, eyeletted, very similar to the VO escapade

    Had them built recently, much prefer the rim to the vo escapade I bought for another project, was not too expensive either, cheaper than retail for VOs

    Might be worth a shout if you don’t want tubeless and are coming back to the uk

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  • black saddle away from perfect parts bin build

  • Good call thx, that's going on the list.

  • Budget pub/polo bike. Still needs a bit of messing about but it's ridable! Got given the frame and a few other bits for free, other bits are from the parts box so total cost is about £120.

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  • New tyres day! Veloflex 28c w/ latex tubes are like a magic carpet ride

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  • I just picked up this old GT as a run around.

    Can someone advise which kind of brakes are suitable to fit on the rear of this thing?

    Also, the front it worth anything? Ideally I'd have cable front and back.

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  • which kind of brakes are suitable to fit on the rear of this thing?


    Also, the front it worth anything?

    Worth leaving in place if it works, worth fixing if it doesn't. You'd need a new fork to use anything else.

  • Is there an approved way/product to either get rid of or paint over the reflective striped on tyre sidewalls?
    Tyres in question are continental contact urban.

  • Why would you want to? They're a small but free safety benefit.

  • For the smart looks. I only cycle in the day time.

  • For the smart looks

    You'll look smarter if you leave it alone 😀

    Just be thankful for what you've got­Dj8

  • I was able to rip the reflective strips off my Schwalbes. Find the 'opening', and use something sharp to lift it up so you can start pulling.

  • Afaik Contis are painted on, not glued.

  • Just changed the chainring from 46t to 44t, combined with 18t freewheel. Nice and spinny.
    Enjoying this more than ever.

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  • @Tijs and @vpCogworks thanks both.
    There must be some sort of rubber paint I can use then. :)

  • Finished putting this together a few days ago - Look 595 with LB rims and Chorus/Record 11 speed

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  • Picked up 95% of this Plug from user @spotter, Brompton cranks and some risers finished it off. No real need but that's never been a barrier

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  • Gorgeous (baby blue)

  • on going project
    columbus genius frame (custom made) with columbus super muscle carbon fork.
    Must buy a headset for it (I was thinking about a silver one but today I thought about a black one. Must decide...). I will build it with a sram omnium crankset (maybe with 50t)

    It's going to be my first fixed gear with 28c tires and two water bottles. The idea is bigger rides

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  • Stupid fun budget/parts bin build for smalltown Canada

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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