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  • New frame pump and winter tyres for the Mercian , just in time for the first sunny day in ages

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  • That's lovely

  • Also, nearly finished building uup this Pearson Touche with a free frame courtesy of @Rastapopoulos and mainly parts I already had from my Carlton. It will get a different saddle (possibly from the Mercian above) and some Kinesis Fend Off guards when I have some money again, and may need a new headset as the one fitted (which is made of spare parts and the bearings that came with the frame) seems to either be too loose or too tight (does this model need a specific size-anyone know?). Looking forward to getting it finished as it will be a replacement fixed gear since I foolishly sold my Carlton track a while back...nice and practical too which appeals my increasingly middle aged side....

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  • Very nicely done. I hope you enjoy riding it. It's a very tough and pretty stiff frame.

  • Got some Chinese clincher wheels for my Cinelli Superstar. Custom order 60mm rims on R36 hubs (18/21) with internal nipples.

    Got them out for a ride today and they felt solid. Braking was more than reasonable with cork brake pads and grooved brake track (better performance than the R5800 pads I run on my other Cinelli)

  • Celt flute might delete later. New stem

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  • I'm sure I will, thanks again!

  • very nice for a superstar, but the valves !?!

  • love your work

  • New bike day, ish. One I bought in about 1985 which my dad has been using as his holiday home beater for the last 20 years, one he bought in 1948 and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been ridden in 30 years. The Rotrax is a keeper, the Hirame I'm open to offers for all or parts of it.

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  • that Rotrax is exquisite!

  • Seconded, that’s a real four square beauty.

  • Would the hirame take long drop callipers and big 700c tires ? I imagine it’s a 27’ wheeled frame ?

  • Yes, it's designed for 27" but currently has 700C and Wienmann 730 calipers. Not sure how wide you could go between the chain stays but I can measure when I get home

    ETA: 42mm between chainstays at the point where it would matter for a bigger 700C tyre, I'd be OK with 35s in there the same as my other Hirame

  • new steam day

    DSCF9348[1] by Vaast Javanne, sur Flickr

  • This is probably my fave of all of your bikes. That paint job is just wild

  • One mans trash

    Is another’s parts bin beater


    Front derailleur works now, so it’s 2x1.

    Rear has the option of two gears but you gotta get off and change it manually

  • I bought some silly paint with a mediocre frame attached! Always wanted something with fun colors, and this will make a nice souvenir if I ever leave this cursed country.

    Anyone know of a small OTP front rack that could use those two threaded holes on top of the fork shoulders? Surly 8-pack might work though I'm going to put a center-pull caliper on it and I'm pretty sure that would get in the way of the arms.

    Not going to build it up until October so still some time to scour ebay for a suitable headset and other cheap bits. Might do a cheap-ish dynamo wheelset for it too.

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  • @Maj this could be you

  • Waiting for the Florida woman 😏

  • Couldn't resist this bargain when it popped up second hand... plans so far: get rid of the brooks and get some shallow dropbars with levers

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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