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  • Thanks yeah I read this too, just wondering if anyone has experience this first hand.

    Found a FH-M760 body (which is the same as M750) hoping to replace my current one.

  • Nobody that has ridden spinergys has lived long enough to pass on the knowledge

  • Challenge accepted

  • I recently got king cages - they hold the bottle too tight imo. is there any way to loosen them up a bit?

    edit: mine are the "iris" model... realise they are different. sigh

  • I always viewed ‘hold the bottle tight’ as a positive point, tbh…

  • Bent some new bars for the fun bike. More fun now even in shitty weather.

  • really hard to get the bottle out when riding though !

  • No idea what you can do with the iris. My friend swears by the original one, but said she had to kinda bend them out a tiny bit to make them juuust perfect. She said the iris kept scratching up her bottles.

  • GF noticed some movement through the pedals on her fatbike during its last ride. Turned out it wasn't a loosening driveside RaceFace crank (had that before years ago on similar RF cranks), rather the Hollowtech 2 BB had developed play in at least one of its bearings.

    I used to be able to get Shimano BB51 or similar for £10-15, especially on eBay with people not realising the new cranks they'd bought came with a BB until weeks after purchase. Now I'm only seeing £40+ or out of stock.

    Short of waiting a month for some off-brand anodised AliExpress BBs, is there anywhere selling HT2 BBs at a reasonable price? Currently contemplating a used BB93 that has one smooth side and one slightly gritty side.

  • Fitted a new front brake, rack, wine box and saddle to Mrs Jangle’s runabout.

    Now I can work on my bikes without being guilt-tripped!

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  • 54cm 2002 Cervelo P2K Fixed/Single

    Hello people,

    So I purchased a 54cm 2002 Cervelo P2K Time Trail frame from Facebook marketplace about 3 weeks ago and it was an absolute state. I wanted to convert it from TT to a single speed/fixed gear as I'm a big fan of the Cervelo T1 but can't justify the price as of right now.

    I have given this P2K new life with a new paint job and some new components for a dropbar single speed/fixed set up. I have a slight problem as this frame is an old dedicated time trail frame so the rear spacing is about 126-130mm between the rear track/tt dropouts. I purchased a FK Fixie Wheelset not reading to much into what spacing the wheels take.

    The front wheel is 100m spacing and I would imagine I won't have any problems with fitting that where as the rear wheel is 120mm and the rear wheel spacing is 130mm. Is there anyway around this in terms of using spacers to make it fit or should I just use a dedicated rear road wheel instead, I am happy for people to compliment and comment on my build as its a conversion so feel free to have your say good or bad,

    Kind regards

    Kyan Foster

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  • Best bet may be a to use a six-bolt front disc hub for the rear wheel, like here. Spacing will be sufficiently narrow, can just add some spacers to make up the extra.

  • So me having a 120mm wheel and 130mm spacing on my Cervelo is useless or would it be worth a try adding spacers? I may try your method thankyou mate

  • I’ve had a 120mm rear track wheel in a 130mm road frame before. I put a 5mm spacer each side of the hub and it was fine. Even managed to get a decent chainline.

  • So me having a 120mm wheel and 130mm spacing on my Cervelo is useless or would it be worth a try adding spacers?

    As long as the axle is long enough for the nuts to engage, a 5mm spacer each side is fine. You're far from being the first person to go fixed on an old P2

  • Oh no I'm aware Im not the first to convert a Cervelo P2K i was inspired by a GCN fixed gear conversion video. I just want to do what is best and safest for the frame

  • MR2 rear lights?

  • Respace the rear wheel by 5mm each side.

  • Ended up fitting the BB93 temporarily and ordering 4x ZTTO BBs from their AliExpress store, for about £7 each, £33 inc delivery. The ZTTO BSA30 BB I've been using on my fatbike has been fine. £25 and a long wait isn't particularly competitive with uk-online pricing.

  • I got given this Charge Plug. Anyone got an idea what the biggest tyre I can squeeze in the back is?

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  • If it's anything like @Tor 's, I reckon you get a 35mm one in.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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