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  • Yeah that's all kinds of rad.

  • Bought this on a whim. Ticked a few boxes with the elevated chainstay and all.

    Need to figure out what to do with it now. Considering electrification.

  • And very pretty!

  • Taking this oldy to Lyon next Friday for a tour through the Alps.

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    • IMG_20210717_190848.jpg
  • Sounds good! No bidons? ;)

  • Thanks.
    Sure, need to mount the cages. Bought 2 one liter bidons today but have to go through my spares for decent cages. They're indispensible. Thinking of going east as I would like to climb Colle del Nivolet in the Aosta Valley.

  • Frame is a 1991 Scott Boulder. Originally came with 7 speed LX but I went for 8 speed LX icw Sugino Mighty 900 compact cranks (using a 12-25 cassette so need a 22/32/44 in the front).

  • Bombtrack hook ext with ekar.
    Mistakenly bought 2.35s but they fit just fine, plenty of clearance.
    Anyone know how to quiet down hunt freehubs?

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  • Looks great. Better put some tape under that mudguard velcro and especially where the guards contact the seat stay bridge, if you care for the paint work. I have the same number and it's eaten the paint off of my Wolverine. I also put a zip tie on top to hold it in place, just so the bounce gets minimised.

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    • IMG_20210718_085645.jpg
  • Nice tip thanks. And ❤ the uggs

  • Lovely, that stem is extreme!

  • Thanks. It's the original, though. It's an early nineties mtb, remember. 😉

  • Parts bin special minus the seat post which I ordered and stuff stolen off my nice bike

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  • The Nivolet is astounding, don't miss it

  • I heard...But weather predictions are bad for the Northeast of the Alps so will probably head south (Ventoux, Luberon,...).

  • Im building a new fixed as we speak, its an specialized allez track, it will probably be my most tarck bike i own, waiting for a few parts before its done and then i will take proper photos of the bike.

    Since the frame has a cut out in the seat tube, i wanted to make the most of it and now its pretty tight 😎

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  • That better be a hardshell for skidding

  • That first photo is Settle isn't it? I stayed in a holiday home in that building on the left of your shot.

  • Well spotted! Lovely riding around there.

  • New suit and boots for the Ryffranck.
    RAL 6003 with a clear coat.
    Hutchinson Sector TR 32mm on Kinlin XR-26T with DA hubs.

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  • Excuse the duplicate from the Cannondale thread...
    Some of my lockdown projects

    Supersix Evo

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    • Super 6_01.jpg
    • Super 6_03.jpg
  • Caad 5

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    • Caad 5_04.jpg
  • Caad 4

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    • Caad 4_04.jpg
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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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