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  • found a couple of the JIS Tange Levins but none in black

    Yeah, weird, loads of silver JIS, loads of black ISO, black JIS not so much.

  • It’s only the crown race which is different with JIS size, right? Assuming it’s sealed bearings, you could use the angled 27mm crown race you’ve got and pick a different ISO alloy headset to use with it. Most of them use the same angle crown race. As Tester said, the Tange is the usual choice for low stack. Also Stronglight might be an option as it comes in black.

  • I’m starting to think you’ve got a secret hidden lock up full of hideous bikes somewhere. In a sort of Dorian Gray’s portrait situation.

  • No the cups are 30mm instead of 30.2mm. I suppose you might be able to squeeze them in but I don't think it would be advisable.

    I've found some old Deore headsets from the 90s that come in black and JIS so I'm hunting on the bay.

  • Ritchey Logic?

    edit: yeah, nah the crown race is 26.4

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  • Well, to be honest, given how hard it's proving to find a black JIS 1 inch headset in the UK, it might be worth getting the crown milled down to 26.4. It's a pretty easy job.

  • Thanks @Tijmen for this awesome framebag. Both fit and build quality are top notch!

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  • For another project I bought these Middleburn RS1 cranks. They have a 130mm road spider fitted. Seeing as these are early 1990's cranks, I am guessing they were meant to be used with a double chainring setup. What I don't understand is why there isn't a raised edge for the big ring, like there is for the small one on the back. Or should the spider go on the other way around (this would suggest not)? Or could this be for a single chainring only?

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  • your finest work yet...

    So much to take in. All of it so good.

  • Build queue.

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  • Mulletocross inbound.

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  • Dibs. What’s tyre clearance on the rear?

  • Can’t remember but it’s not massive.

  • Got the seat post (mostly) out of the Serotta built glider I got cheap off here. Annoyingly, there's like an inch left of it that has slipped down in the tube and is impossible to get out, think it's going to stay..

    Need some forks, I think they came with columbus tusks originally. I've never bought forks though, are there any pitfalls to avoid? Ta!

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  • Cool dropouts

  • Just finished this for my dad, so he can ride on tow paths and foresty trails with his pals

  • That’s a humble brag bike right there, I like it.

  • I'm personally not a fan of the colour, but the rest is extremely well done, congrats! I hope one day I'll be able to build such a rad machine for my dad, although he's a die hard roadie...

  • That's great! What frame is it?

  • A Scott Summit, which @Hulsroy kindly put a disc tab on for me, with Kona forks. It used to look like this:

  • Following on with the Aurum painted theme, finished this build on Sunday for the gf. Her first mtb. RAL4011 powdercoated BrandX hardtail with a mix of parts I had/collected for a while.

  • Nice, hope she likes it. Also props for the Berlingo.

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Current Projects chat and miscellany

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